Wolfforth UMC Day 2 – Service in Karenage…

What a great day of ministry and fun we’ve had in Haiti.  We started the morning as usual—with the sounds of chickens waking us up followed by a hot breakfast.  Today was Sunday so we were able to lead a church service for a nearby village.  We were able to hold the first Sunday church service this village has ever had!  It was such a blessing to worship with these beautiful people.

We learned on the first day that these people often feel hopeless and worthless, so we focused our ministry on sharing the hope and joy they can have in Jesus.  I was given the incredible honor of preaching today and sharing communion with the congregation.  Our team split up into two groups.  One group stayed with the adults in church and the other held a children’s church.  The children’s church group played some games, sang some songs, and performed some bible story skits.

Probably the most amazing thing today was being able to pray over the people at the village.  In both the adult church and the children’s church we were able to lay our hands on individuals and pray for their specific needs.   To be able to pray a blessing in the name of Jesus Christ on these people was so powerful—truly Kingdom work!

Since it was Sunday we took the afternoon to rest.  There is a beautiful beach nearby where we swam with Haitians and enjoyed God’s creation through snorkeling (we saw some amazing fish).

As I type this we are about to head back to the village we were at this morning to show a movie.  We’re taking popcorn, a movie, generator, sounds system, and Kung Fu Panda!  Tonight is all about enjoying life with the people—smiling and laughing with them.

Thanks for the prayers!  Enjoy the pics below and we’ll talk again tomorrow…

Kelly McCuaig

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