PV Day 4….Preskul, Sewing, Women’s VBS…


So today our team got to go to Preskul and do crafts and games etc. with the people that live there and it was a pretty amazing and humbling experience. They were very excited to see us and get to participate in everything we had planned for them. We got to do a lot of crafts and games and one of the things we got to do was let them make their own lanterns since they have no source of light or electricity there. We let them decorate them themselves, and then we went and gave them to them in their huts. It was very sad to see the way that they had to live, especially in the pouring rain, but they were so appreciative for everything, and you could tell that they really trusted and believed in God, and that he would take care of them.

It was great to have something that we could give to them to help them physically, but it was also a great opportunity to get to tell them that this lantern would give them light in their homes, but also that they could be a light to everyone that they know and they could show God’s love to others, as He showed His love for us on the cross. Even though it was wet, Preskul was amazing, and I’m so glad that I got this opportunity to show God’s love to the people, and I’m so happy to go back tomorrow. As this trip wraps up, I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to experience so many things, and I’m ready to go back and share all of my experiences.


P.S. Cody Clawson makes me scream when I talk.


Sewing Classes

Today some of the women finished their bookmarks.  They embroidered their initial on it, then hand-stitched it to finish.  These women were excited to have completed the whole project on their own.  The smiles on their faces showed the pride they took in their bookmark.  What a privilege to affirm them with the few (okay, two) Creole words that I know.

Debbie gave a great devotional from Colossians about finding the will of God and doing it. I thank you Jesus for the opportunity to minister to these ladies and teach them a skill that they can utilize.

Nila Barros


Women’s VBS

Randi gave her lesson today on the importance of community when helping to bear our own burdens as well as each other’s burdens. She started the session out with an activity with the American women. The Haitian women carry things on their heads, so we attempted to carry things on our heads. The Haitian woman laughed at how unpracticed we were! The message went very well. She used the story of the paralytic man. It was a successful session. We prayed over each woman individually as we tied bracelets on their wrists. Several asked for Randi & Diana to pray over them again. One dear woman was somehow missed, but approached us with a translator and insisted that she be prayer over as well. We pray God used our efforts and silliness to reach these women and give them hope.

Jeanella Clark


ALSO – there was Youth Outreach this afternoon. The Pastor’s Conference was amazing today and will finish tomorrow. The Mayor’s complex is nearly finished! Tonight was also Movie Night! 200 bags of popcorn made!

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