Wolfforth Day 4….Marouge

Well being from lubbock rain isn’t something we experience very often, but it definitely served as an alarm clock this morning, along with the roosters, chickens, and goats. We left the mole around 11:00 and jumped on the tap tap (a truck with benches in the bed that you “tap tap” when your ready to go.) We drove to the city of Marouge and held a vbs for the local church. Seeing the haitians smiles and laughter while playing the games was something noone could forget. We started out singing songs, then we told stories from the bible. Then we played games with them that consumed the whole street with laughter, seeing the haitians faces while playing the games and listening to the stories is something noone could forget.

After that we went to the market and baught six goats for three different families, then drove to the city of Daniel and delivered the goats, and got to pray over the families we blessed the goats with. Throughout the whole day on the tap tap it was pouring rain and everyone was wet. But it was still an experience i wouldnt trade for anything.

with love from all,

wumc haiti team.

(unfortunately it was raining so much that we only have a few pictures of this team).

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