Savannah and Parkside Day 4…


Hey y’all this is Maya from Savannah:) Today is Sunday so we were able to sit in on an amazing Sunday service. It is a lot different from a normal Savannah Christian service. It is around 2-3 hours long. The service took place under a tent which was awesome and hot. There were many Haitians there and I ended up giving up my seat for a Haitian woman. I was so excited because there were so many people there. The best part of the service is when they would stand up and sing. They raised there hands and clapped and sang for the entire world to see, all I could do is simply smile. As I closed my eyes listening to the chorus of their voices I realized how lucky we have it but we don’t worship like they worship. They have this genuineness to them. Its something incredibly beautiful I simply cannot describe it.

After the service I had the privilege of sitting behind and watching Allison talk to a group of women that are going to start a small group ministry. She encouraged them and gave them some good points about living as one. She talked on how leaders should act. What I love about Allison is that she always has this smile when she talks. She acts so well with them. She makes them laugh the same way she makes everyone around her laugh. It is definitely something I look up to. I was amazed with what goes into preparing small group leaders. It made me appreciate them a lot more.

We had a lot of chill time before dinner but it was still packed filled with fun. I taught some of the translators Chinese. They seemed extremely surprised that I was Chinese. It was hilarious. They began to mix French, Creole, Spanish, English, AND Chinese. It cracked me up. They were so excited. One of the translators began saying things like “Ni hao. (hello) Comme esta? (how are you?) mwen bien! (good)”.  That’s a mix of chinese, spanish, and then creole. I love Haiti so much! Even though this is my 5th year going to Haiti everything around me still completely amazes me and leaves me bewildered. I wonder how they can be so thankful when they don’t have much to begin with. It makes me look back at my life and wonder how much I take for granted. They love God with a passion something that you don’t get the opportunity to see everyday.

And with that I am signing off. So good night:)

YAY GOD! This is Jordan Thrift! What an amazing day! We woke up and went to church and yet it wasnt in english, seeing them praise the lord was incredible. Being here in Haiti has really opened my eyes, the kids have yet to nothing and they are so happy, it has opened my eyes. The families have a new struggle everyday and they never blame God and never doubt him or give up on him and his word. I have learned a lot from them and every second I am here gets better and better! Stories do not compare to seeing it with your own eyes!



Greetings all!! Abby from Parkside here getting to fill you in a bit on our day. As it is the day of rest, we had a light schedule and plenty of time to reflect on the past few days. We began a bit early with breakfast and moved right along to the church service which took place in a large army tent. Though there were over a hundred there (by my estimation), everyone crowded in and shared seats so we could worship together. The best part for me was getting to hear the love and devotion the Haitians had while singing hymns. It warmed my heart.

Following service we had a bit of time before lunch that was used to nap, journal and comune with the two different groups. After lunch (which was a delicious combination of rice, tuna and onions) we had more time before we learned a Haitian trade. Most of Parkside found themselves at the beach, frolicing, cooling off and burying on of the boys in the sand. It was wonderful and refreshing.

Three o’clock rolled around and both groups split up to learn a Haitian trade. I got to go with the group that learned how to make charcoal. Wood is gathered and piled into the shape of a hut, then green branches with the leaves still on them are put on top, along with dirt. It is then surrounded by rocks to keep it in it’s shape and burned slowly over three days. One of the girls in our group got to cut up a branch and used a machete. Don’t worry parents; all digits are accounted for. Since we finished early we were able to join up with the weavers and learn that trade as well. I have to say my section will have to be tightened or pulled out.

I’m sitting above the clinic right before dinner and loving the breeze that’s coming in. I’m looking forward to hearing about the fishing adventures and the ways that other people saw God today. For me, it was seeing our fellow church goers lifting their voices to praise our Lord.


  1. YAY finally glad to hear from one of the THRIFTs , Glad to see GOD moving in your heart baby. leave nothing behind baby Let the JOY of the LORD RISE in you and share – share – share ,never let this moment end. Remember all that share this with you , thank your team and celebrate all of GODs victories with them. Give my bestfriend and super -dooper fine ,sizzling wife a number 5 juicy hot sugar for me. (he he he ) Kennedy and mallory yall are missed it is gr8 seeing the Photos and seeing GOD knocking down barriers with your smiles. Alyssa , Doug read your blog in ELEMENT and it was incredible I felt to honored to be a part of the BODY of CHRIST that has sent you out . Allison my dearest ,bestest , most incredible , fantastic, all ways cheerful friend . you are truly amazing and I know the hearts of the haitians and this team are lifted up because of your obedience to serve and Honor GODs calling for you. Everyone else stay strong , LOVE , help and be the hands AND FEET , I can feel the warmness of GODs smile shinning down on yall. Lesha follow your heart , share you Love and remember it all . We are fine here just missing yall the dogs are gr8 just rotten , taylor and I are catching up on some daddy daughter time . take care sleepless nights and endless thoughts of you baby , luv ya more than the grans of sand you see b4 you. Keith

  2. Jordan – we love you and miss you so so much. We can’t wait to hear the stories that you have to share. It is AWESOME to see GOD working through you and your team to reach others. Can’t wait to see you – Love MOM

  3. Jordan: I am so glad to hear that you are there learning things and allowing God to speak to you. I pray that you continue to open your heart, eyes and mind allowing God to speak to you and show you new things. I cannot even imagine how wonderful it is to see Gods works in this world and just to think that you are a part of that is so HUMBLING. I am EXTREMELY proud of you and cannot wait to hear about your trip. I love you VERY much! -Katie

  4. Love reading the blogs, tweets and seeing the pics each day! It’s so cool hearing the ways God is working through everyone down there! Praying for you Parkside (and Savannah). Matt, Zeke and I love you SO much and can’t wait to see you Friday!! Zeke is waiting for you to get home to learn new things. By the way, Alyssia and Tim had their baby Monday. His name is Levi Jacob. I love you Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Alicia

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