Parkside and Savannah Day 3…

June 25, 2011 Mole St Nicholas, Haiti – Savannah Group

What a pleasure it is to get to know everybody on this team, the local Haitians and our brothers and sisters from Parkside Church in Cincinnati. Brian Baker, Rosemary Snyder, Becca Dawson, Lesha Thrift and CB Fraley have such servant and loving hearts to keep coming back to Haiti time and again. I feel like I’m seeing Jordan Thrift and Kennedy Goodwin grow up before my eyes. I’ve known Maya Wallace, Mallory McGee and Alex Mooney and see great things in their spiritual future. It’s so nice to see what lovely young ladies Holly Elliott, Hannah Youmans, Bailey Jones and Alyssa Ghuman are becoming. Crystal Fritz has such a gift with children and you can see the godly man Garrett Fritz is going to be. It’s such a testament to Allison Murray and the Savannah Christian staff. Everyone is doing great.

We had a great outing with the people in the fishing village of Ka Pu Fu – if I got that name right. We used solar lights as a metaphor for Jesus’ light in your life, plus we put on a hokey skit of Jesus calming the storming sea. We rehearsed it as it was being narrated. The DVD will be coming out soon, I’m sure. Really, it was a very close time with these people who have such a contentment in their lives. The boat ride was an adventurous experience, as well. Did I mention everyone was doing fine?

Mintoo Ghuman signing out. And as I told everybody here I always have to introduce myself twice. This is Mintoo Ghuman. Thanks for your support and prayers.



The temperature is still hot, the weather is humid but spirits are still high. We have been very blessed with the opportunity to serve here and everyone is excited to see what change they can make in others.

Today we all started working on a team project after a great pancake breakfast. Our task was to clear a huge weed infested and plant covered plot of land so later in the future they can build a school. The task was hard but we all impressivly pulled together to get the job done with the help of some of our friendly Haitians. The field looked bare by the time we got done and everyone felt a sense of accomplishment.

Later in the day we split into two groups. One group went to the local park area behind the Catholic Church to play games and hang out with the local kids and the other group got the great chance to see a local fishing village.

Playing with the kids was a great oppurtunity to show God to the locals. We brought wiffle ball gear, bubbles, nail pollish, basketball and soccer balls. It was hot and sunny but your kids and family members sucked it up and had a great time forming relationships.

The fishing village was a pretty amazing experience. We went out on 2 boats and spent the next 20 minutes being soaked to the bone by spray. When we finally arrived it was to the sight of a few dozen grass huts and the entire village gathered under a tree near the middle to hear us talk. Matt , with the help of our translators, was really able to make a breakthrough and not just speak at them but to them. After a few testimonies by Dwaine, Necia and a few others, we broke into groups and prayed with individuals and over their homes. After all of this and when it came time to leave one man decided it was the right time to accept Jesus into his heart and become baptized. It was truly an amazing moment.


  1. Prayers to all the scc haiti team .. Jordy ,Lesha & Kennedy -we love and miss yall very much , I am praying that GOD is changing your world forever. Expect great things from GOD and ATTEMPT GREATER THINGS FOR GOD !!!!!!!! MINTOO you rock dude loved your BLOG … Alyssa your dad is truly a GODLY man take care all……….

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