Crossroads and Freedom Reigns Day 3..


Today was wonderful! Part of our group (some of the guys) did construction again – which meant more digging. The rest of us went in groups of 2 and 3 hut-to-hut to gather information on each family’s needs. As one person and an interpreter completed the survey forms the others would talk, play, and pray with the children. We stopped and spoke with one gentleman who had a bad cut on his hand. He wanted help but had no money to see a doctor. We told him there would be a medical clinic later this week at the main mission house. Our group prayed for his health.

After a good lunch we went to the church to take medical information from the families there. The purpose is to find the most needy and get them in the correct programs. You learn so much of their culture by talking to the mothers. When asked how many times a day they eat, it was about evenly mixed with 1 and 2 times. We handed out a piece of candy as each child was weighed and measured. Not one asked for a second piece or wanted a different color!

After we finished with the medical surveys, we went to the beach. The water is crystal clear and felt so refreshing. Two Haitians swam out quite a way and found a conch shell with a lobster in it. They said they will dig it out with a stick and boil it. Very delicious!

Stephanie from our group went with the medical group to another town to have a medical clinic and then to buy animals.

Very happy to report the man with the severe cut in his thumb came to the mission and the doctor and medical team treated him.

It has been a good day!



Bon swa America! This is Lauren. We have had quite a day! This morning, we rode a tap-tap through the mountains for an hour to Daniel where we set up a clinic complete with games, triage, nursing, doctor’s ‘office,’ pharmacy, and prayer stations. Daniel is a remote village with no medical care and deep scars from missionaries that came in the past, took their money, then left without fulfilling any promises. The clinic went extremely well and we saw roughly 80 patients with various illnesses from mild aches and pains to hepatitis. The hepatitis patient was an elderly woman carried into the clinic on a bed by her son. It was the very picture of Luke 5:17-26. Every patient wanted us to pray with them and we prayed for healing in the name of Jesus.

After the clinic, we all piled onto the tap-tap and rode out to buy goats and donkeys. 10 goats were tied and thrown onto the truck with us and we all rode back to the Mole together. The bumpy ride back was quite an experience and all agreed that goats were calling out, “Maaaaat!” Thank you to all who donated for the Chicken, Goat & Donkey Ministry. We still have more to buy and some money will be saved for after hurricane season to replace animals that are lost during that time.

Then, a few of us went to the nice beach to rinse off the grime from the day. Upon returning for dinner, Dr. Scott was stitching up a man with a machete wound. I gave my first injection with Heidi’s help.

We ended the day with an excellent devotional from Freedom Reigns and we are ready for a great night of rest to prepare for the day ahead. God is so good and we are enjoying being His hands and feet!

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  1. This is a great site! Love the pictures and post. It is really wonderful that we can really follow what The Lord is doing there. Praying for you all. Lord Bless and Keep you all.

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