Crossroads and Freedom Reigns Day 4…


Our third day started with the sun. We awoke with it dull at dawn from inside our tent. As we rose to meet the day head on, eyes wide open, hearts and minds focused on the Son; we all gathered together for an amazing breakfast of Haitian coffee and bread with jam or peanut butter spread and fresh scrambled eggs with some bell peppers and onion. Following prayer and devotions, we headed out for a 20 minute walk across the harsh landscape for a second day of our medical clinic. While Jody triaged patients, Heidi and Stephanie acquired basic medical info and did a health screening. Then they were sent to Scott for their exam and diagnosis while being comforted by a very special donated Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed bear. Then they were on to Lauren for medicine and then Cynthia for prayer and healing. Once again, no one turned away prayer. As the 80 or so sick and needy were being tended to, Joseph and Matt entertained the families and children that waited for their loved ones: coloring, blowing bubbles, playing soccer and frisbee, and painting nails were all enjoyed immensely. After cleaning and packing our supplies up, we headed for a brisk jaunt back to the mission.

Lunch: rice with what can best be described as beef stew, oh… and yummy.

Next we stowed our medical gear, loaded up with VBS stuffs and stumbled down to the multipurpose tent. It was no problem whatsoever gathering 100 eager Haitian children to come with us for VBS. They came and we taught them about Christ’s birth, teaching at the temple, and calling the disciples. They did crafts, games, and colored to their heart’s content. And thanks to an abundance of donations, we fed them a meal; all 100 children and chaperoning adults will be fed all three days of VBS. Thank you you to our loved ones and church /families for this – you are here with us.



Day 4 at the Mole day 5 since leaving home, woke up to the rooster’s crow at 5:00 a.m. Haiti time, which is actually the same as Illinois time. Started the day with devotions by Dr. Scott. Freedom team then headed out to Ka Pa Fu. Ka Pa Fu is a fishing village about 40 minutes up the coast by boat. Waters were smooth, the ride pleasant. As we arrived at Ka Pa Fu we got the warm Haitian welcome. Children standing on the peak cheering anxiously awaiting our arrival. Everyone in Haiti greets each other! After disembarking which was much easier than I anticipated, since Hiedi had been dropped on the Crossroads trip. We were greeted by the whole village. There were woman cleaning some beautiful purple and striped fish and even an eel. Soon the fun began as we painted toenails, fingernails, played soccer, held babies, colored pictures, made gospel bead bracelets and shared bible stories with the children. After a few hours with the villagers we headed back to the mission house for lunch. It is hard to think how discontent we are in the states after visiting a village like this grass huts, no electricity, no running water, no mall in sight LOL.

After lunch we headed out the to the church to help Crossroads with VBS. All I can say is AMAZING! It really blessed me to serve along side Crossroads. They are a group of seasoned missionaries that came so prepared!! Amazing talent and amazing hearts!! We shared songs, bible stories, and crafts. Each child will be blessed with their own mini Bible that they are making. Crossroads also raised an amazing amount of funds that they used after arriving to bless the children at VBS with meals everydayand bought many animals to be delivered to the villages as well.

Our men, Leah, Stephanie and Belinda finshed the afternoon in the hole digging the foundation for the orphanage that is to come in the near future. We rounded out the afternoon at the beach for a short downtime until several people started getting stung by jellyfish.

Finished out the day with supper of lemon seasoned chicken, potatoes and peas and corn. Devotions and worship awesome. We are living out the great commision. The Bible is coming to Life right here in Haiti!


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  1. I love this! I love seeing the pictures of the people and the smiles and reading about your daily experiences. Continued prayers sent your way~ Charlene

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