Two Donkeys For Preskul…

What a blessing! Thanks to Team Momentum  – 2 donkeys found a new home in the Preskul Fishing Village!!

This village is located hours away from any source of drinking water. Think about that the next time you reach for a cup of cold water!

These donkeys (named Steve & Danielle) will travel 3 hours everyday (one-way) hauling 5-gallon buckets of water! Families there are forced to live off a 5-gallon bucket of water for days on end. It’s our hope that these donkeys will help ease that strain.

Steve and Danielle have already traveled far! They came from a village near Beauchamp and took 2 full days to get here!

Bena surprised the village this morning and took some pictures for me! ENJOY! 🙂


  1. I am so excited about the Donkeys. Praise God. The Groves Family is Missing the Mole.

    Praying for you all.

    Love you all.


  2. Yes!! Also there was a misprint in the original post. It likes to autocorrect. The 2nd donkey’s name is Danielle named after a good man – Daniel! 🙂

    Elirose is still very sick and the tap tap keeps breaking down. It’s taken already 7hours to get there. You know the ride to marouge and how rough it was to get the goats – imagine riding that for 7 hours! Please keep praying for her.

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