Help Us Provide Water and Food To Those In Desperate Need…

It’s really simple. We can’t do it without you. We need your help! 

I thought about writing this extravagant blog that explains what is really going on right now but I’m just going to make it simple. I’m reaching out to EVERYONE but specifically those who’ve been to the Mole and know the need personally. You can no longer sit on the sidelines – reading about what takes place every week. It’s time to act on behalf of the ministry you came to love.

We are now in hurricane season and soon will be in rainy season. Every year the fishing villages suffer because the seas are too rough to fish – – – too rough to send row boats to the Mole to get water.

The result – hungry children cry all night. Their hair begins to turn red from malnutrition. Their stomachs begin to swell. And their hope begins to diminish. That’s just the reality. 

Because they cannot fish – We need to provide them food:

When the fishing villages cannot fish – they do not eat. Those villages have little means for finding food outside of what the ocean provides. They are humbling asking for our help as the seas are beginning to rumble.

For $1.50 we can provide 6 servings of rice/beans mixed with important nutrients. Most Haitians only eat 1 meal a day – if they’re able to eat at all. For $1.50 I can provide an entire family that meal for that day.

Another important part of our ministry is to provide animals. Animals they can eat. Animals they can breed. Animals that can haul water.

1 goat is 55.00

1 chicken is 10.00

1 donkey  (to haul water) is 170.00

Because they cannot send boats to the Mole – We need to provide them water:

Every day – as many as 5000 children die as a result of diarrhea caused by drinking unsafe water! For many of the villages surrounding the Mole – they have to walk hours in order to find clean drinking water.

In the fishing villages – many homes survive on a 5-gallon bucket of water. Understand that water has to last them 3 days. There are as many as 7 children living in these little homes. Can you imagine? I have 7 kids. Telling them they cannot drink a full glass of water because it has to “last us” is just unimaginable.

Back in May a team from Savannah, GA came to Haiti with water-cones. These cones produce a liter of water every day. We have already started using them in KaPaFu! These cones turn our salty sea water into clean drinking water! They’re light and mobile and extremely easy to use!

Help us provide clean drinking water to children all over the northwest zone.

For $89.00 we can purchase and ship 1 cone to a needy family. That’s a guaranteed 1 liter a day – no matter what the seas are like.


Here it is – simply put. There are families with no hope right now. There are mothers who rock their crying babies all night without the hope of anything to offer them. There are villages trying to learn about God but doubt His existence because they are starving and in desperate need.

My children sleep with a fan on them at night, eat every day, and have all their immediate needs met. There are nights that I can’t sleep wondering how I was so blessed and they were not? Why do my children get to sleep with full bellies when others don’t? Why did God choose my family to be blessed when others I personally know struggle every single day?

My family is personally helping but we can’t do it alone!

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