Delivering Hope…One Boat At A Time…

Two Stories….Two lives changed.
Rodney Cherisca is 40 and he’s always lived in Karenage. He’s married and has 2 kids. He’s a very faithful member of our church. He walks 45 minutes every Sunday to attend and various times throughout the week for our other services.
His statement – translated by Jocelyn:
I am a fishermen but I stopped fishing since I lost my fishing equipment. Now that GOD has used the mission to bless me with this boat, I know for sure that my situation is gonna be greatly improved cause I now have a way to provide food for my family daily. Thanks to GOD and thanks to the mission and everyone who has thought about coming up with this project to help people at the Mole. May GOD bless you!
Francinor Honorat is 39 years old. He has 6 kids and he’s not married.
His statement – translated by Jocelyn:
I’m the only one who can tell you how things were difficult for me since I lost my fishing materials. All I could do then is work with other guys in order to earn a little money to feed those kids of mine. Sometimes I’m afraid to go back home bacause I don’t find anything to take back home. I thank GOD who has put in the mission’s heart to think about us fishermen who have lost our materials and were hopeless.  This boat is going to make a huge difference in my daily life. Thanks a lot. I pray that GOD will continue to bless you as you’re continuing to help His people.

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