No One Does “I Do” like We Do…

Friday, Joe, Jackie and I began trip 6 to Haiti.  This would be a unique trip since we were meeting a journalist (Katya) Saturday who will be writing a story about the wedding ministry we do in Haiti.

After a very long Friday night of travel on the 24th, we arrived safely to St. Louis on Saturday afternoon.  I met with Magdala about the weddings planned for Monday afternoon and began sorting through the dresses.  The plan as of Saturday, there would be between 14 and 20 brides.  As we always know, the number is subject to change.

Sunday church service was great as usual and the plan was to get our “dressing room” ready for the fittings on Monday morning.  After a 2 hour hike up behind the mission, Jackie, Katya and I were pretty wiped out.  The walk was probably one of the most intense I’ve ever had.  For a person who runs and works out almost every day, it was one of the most exhausting walks ever…however, it was so beautiful, it is really hard to complain.

Sunday afternoon, was blazing hot, then around 4, the skies grew dark, and there was a rain storm like I have never seen.  It must have rained for 5 hours.  When I say rain – I mean a constant down pour.  Knowing that the wedding was the next day, and many of the couples would have to cross the river, I knew that there would be many that would not be able to make it.  I prayed for clear skies on Monday and that is exactly what happened.

The wedding was planned for 2 o’clock and so brides began to arrive at 7 am to be fitted.  By noon we had 9 brides fitted, grooms with suits, and rings sized.  Come to find out –  6 couples would not be able to make it due to the river being high.   There was a poor little couple from Anse-a-fleur who didin’t have a marren and parren, which are the best man and maid of honor.  She was so appreciative that we were there to get them married. They asked Joe and I  to stand in for them.  So we had the pleasure to be there for them.  Joe also was asked to speak at the ceremony and he did  a fantastic job.

Tuesday morning, the 4 of us head out to La Baie to start our first micro business. After 5 hours & 4 break downs, we finally made the 20 miles from St. Louis.  Now that was one crazy trip!  We had lunch with my former bride and talked about the new business.  I a m praying for this young lady who is very business minded.  I know she will be successful.

Wednesday very early, we start our journey to the Mole.  After another 5 hours & 2 break downs on the tap tap, we made the 30 mile drive.  But I want to tell you, it was well worth the trip!  Today, we had 3 brides marry in Preskul, a very small fishing village about an hour ride from the Mole.  These ladies were some of the most beautiful brides I have had here in Haiti.  There was an amazing lady I met last spring who said she wanted to get married, but we weren’t able to do it at the time. She was one of the brides!  All the crazy travel to just get here the last 2 days was well worth the sore rear end and back ache.  That all went away when I saw her and fitted her for her gown.

God has been so good to Joe and I .  I am honored to serve Him in this amazing country.

A big thanks to my husband for his support and for believing in me  -in what I know to be God’s plan for my life.

In Christ,

Diane Cornelius (The Wedding Lady)


If you would like to know more about the Wedding Ministry please leave a comment and I will have Diane contact you. Diane makes it possible for the poorest brides to have a God-honoring service. She has helped dozens and dozens of brides find freedom from bondage and given them the chance to hold their heads high.

USA Today Weekend will be featuring an article about her ministry. I will provide a link and information once it’s posted.

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