UCC – Day 3

Our adventures are never-ending in Haiti! As others mentioned yesterday, we take a fun ride up to Mare Rouge every day. This morning as I was ducking under some tree branches on the side of the road, one of my teammates yelled, “Laura, there’s a praying mantis on your head!” I said, “How awesome!” Usually having a bug in my hair would freak me out, but not today. God’s creation is amazingly beautiful here in Haiti and He keeps reminding me of His presence. I don’t ever want to lose that wonder, even if it takes me going far away to do it! Greetings to Mom, Dad, Bryan, Kerry, Kylie, Johnny, Tracy and J.T…I miss you guys and wish you were here!-Laura


Yesterday we watched in amazement has a young boy ran with a donkey at his side for what seemed like forever… this kids needs a scholarship to run for some college in the future!! Today was a very good day of surveying and seeing what the needs of Mare Rouge. It is an honor to be here and see the people of Haiti again! Miss you Toad, Kenzie and Dani too! Greg


I have to share the highlight of my day – possibly of the trip (certainly the highlight until now).  Today Sara and I conducted interviews together. The last interview of the night was with a lady who didn’t know her exact age however she knew that she was over 70 years old. One of the questions we asked her was if anyone in her household had died in the last five years. Her answer was yes – a 25-year-old son had died a couple of years earlier. We asked what the cause of death was, and I anticipated the answer to be a sickness. There is so much of that here.

When our interpreter said something about a moto (motorcycle) I made the next best assumption, that he died in an accident. After all the moto drivers are a bit crazy. But that wasn’t how he died either. Kenson (the interpreter) went on to tell us that the son owned a moto and was using it as a taxi. He was hired to take a man somewhere and at the conclusion of the ride the man took out a knife and killed this woman’s son.

Sara was sitting next to me so I didn’t see how she responded to the answer and so I just went on asking questions. At the end of the interview I asked her if she had anything she wanted to say to us. The woman pointed at Sara and said “I love her!”  Playfully I asked “What about me?!?” and she said that she loved me too. When we walked away Sara told Kenson that when she heard the story about the son she cried. Which brings a tear to my eye as I write this. This woman saw Sara’s reaction. She recognized that Sara felt her pain.

Isn’t that the point of this all?  Haven’t we been asked to love our neighbor? To bear one another’s burden? Without speaking a word of Creole, Sara found a way to express love and concern for this lady and she found a way to say it back. It made my day!


We want to continue to thank you for your prayers.  It has been a little overwhelming to see how great the need is for some of the people.  Many had not eaten when we were talking to them in the afternoon.  It makes us realize how ungrateful we tend to be as Americans.  Dear Family I miss you and love you.


This is easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  But it’s so hard to see the poverty.  I honestly don’t know how to describe more and am too tired to do so tonight.  But I’m thankful to be here, and I pray that by the end of the week some of our questions will be answered about what we can do to help.  It’s so hard–we want to help immediately but we also want to do so in the way the mission thinks is best.  I think we’re all struggling as we see so clearly what their needs are but can’t meet them immediately.  Josh, Micah, Jonathan & Liam, I miss you SO MUCH!  Glad K-State won–there were cheers in Haiti when we heard the score!  Hope the boys are sleeping better.  Josh, thank you so much for allowing me this chance.  Boys, hope you’re having a great time with Daddy.  Can’t wait to come back here with all of you if God says it’s ok!!!!

We had some fun times playing a game of “spoons” last night, though we didn’t have too many spoons so we used some earplugs! Apparently Amy REALLY likes to win and proved it during the game. We affectionately refer to her as “Amy Angry!”  -Jordan


The trucks are similar, except that we have benches on the side so we sit down and only have eighteen people instead of thirty. 🙂 Parts of the road here are even better than they were in Ecuador, or the driver slows down for the bumps instead of never slowing down. 🙂

Please keep praying that we would know what to say to them and how to minister to them spiritually.



Dear Fam.
Today the rubber hit the road.  We saw hungry families, real poverty.  Of course, I cried when I heard your blogs. Again, it reinforced how blessed we are.  Keep praying for us.  We can feel your prayers.  Love you all Mom and Dad/ Grandma and Granndpa


I was glad to hear that Marissa was able to get rid of her cast.  Love you all Michelle


  1. Sorry if your team has already stated the purpose of the surveys but I evidently missed it. I assume it is a needs survey. If this is true is your focus only on Marouge or will the survey be performed in the Mole and other cities around the mission?

    I know God is with you and will bless you for being His hands and feet.


  2. It sounds like the reality of the needs are really becoming visable as you meet with the people. For an Ag guy, hearing people are without access to food is very difficult. I just want to encourage each of you to remember that we can not simply flip a switch and reverse what has taken a couple of centuries to develop. I also pray that you can see the needs through the eyes of the Haitian people and not be blinded by your own perceptions and culture. I think this is the most difficult part of the task. I’ve often wondered as Jesus walked this earth, he saw many things that he could change. How did He decide what to address? He had the power to change everything, how did he make the decision. I think as we examine the scriptures, it had to fit with his mission, to seek and save the lost. In many cases it may have been more about those that observed than the one who was healed. I encourage you to look for how we could help the people of Mare Rouge come to know Christ through future efforts or projects. What would have the most impact for Christ? Sometimes it is good to take a couple of steps back and simple ask, WWJD. I’m sure the staff at NWHCM has spent a lot of time asking this question. Please take some time to get their perspectives as well as anything we might do in the future needs to fit with their overall mission goals for Mare Rouge.
    Michelle and Morgan, we miss you and look forward to seeing you at the end of the week.

  3. See there are other things that are ninjas too like preying mantis lol. I am so glad that God continues to bless your life and that you have this wonderful opportunity to be there in Haiti, I miss you too and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  4. Fall has come to KS! The heat is on and we wore hats and gloves to school this morning. The boys’ last soccer game is tomorrow. When we went to pick up the mail and paper yesterday, Luke kept asking “Where Grandma and Papa?”

    Thank you for making the needs of others real to us. It is hard to really comprehend.

    Prayers, Hugs and Kisses,

    The Nichols

  5. I truly enjoy hearing the many perspectives & thoughts as you experience each day. I’m thankful that each of you have this opportunity. The boys have been sleeping great the last few nights. Liam has been waking up early and making noise but if I leave him alone he goes back to sleep. We definitely miss you too, Amy! I ran a couple errands yesterday (Monday) and J, Liam, & I went to Wendy’s for lunch and J said, “I want to go to lunch with Mom.” And I said, “Me too!” We’ve been having fun together. The weather has cooled off, high of 60 Mon & Tues. I’m actually wearing jeans! Continuing to pray for you this week!

  6. Today I took the recycling to Howie’s. Greg asked me if I missed Elias and I said “Well, I DID miss him until I discovered how much sorting I was going to have to do!” I told Greg that Elias decided we didn’t need curbside recycling anymore because we could do it ourselves. Hmmppff. Needless to say the garage has been rearranged and we now have about 20 separate recycling containers. Well … not really 20. Maybe 19.

    I am so glad that Elias does not see the Haitian people as “trash” but as valuable recyclables!

    We are just fine here. Claire and Carolee are both spending the night tonight because Sophia has a 7 a.m. call time in KC for an Applebee’s shoot. She and I are going in tonight so it will be yet another girls’ night at the Tolentinos. Poor Nick.

    Praying for you all!!!

  7. Mom and Dad (Steve and Karla),
    So so fun to see the pictures of you in “out of your normal” surroundings including small planes and truckbeds! I cannot wait to hear of your experiences on this mission. Will had a wonderful time with Clifford and the Young Life banquet went well. I am busy working on banquet follow-up this week and Will’s last soccer game is on Wednesday. I love you both!

  8. Mom and Dad (Steve and Karla),
    So so fun to see you out of your normal surroundings-including small planes and truck beds! I cannot wait to hear of your experiences on this mission! Will had a blast with Clifford, the YL banquet went well, Will’s last soccer game is Wednesday, and I am busy with banquet follow-up. Love you both so much!

  9. Mom and Dad, Steve and Karla
    Not sure if my comment is going to show up three times or what?! Funny thing that you guys usually need my technology help and I can’t figure out why my comments aren’t posting!

    It is very fun to see you both out of your “normal” surroundings-small planes and truckbeds too! I am very excited to hear of your experiences on this mission from God!

    Will had a blast with Clifford, the YL banquet went well, Will’s last soccer game is tomorrow, I am busy with banquet follow up, Derek is selling houses, and Wes is just being cute!
    Love you both so much! Cory

  10. Hey guys. Please tell Elias and Steve that Duane Daily just called to say Rosemary Bussett (Glenn’s wife) died Sunday night. Visitation Thursday afternoon. Funeral at 2 p.m. Friday.

    I will miss seeing them both strolling down Ridge Drive.

  11. Hi Amy, we got to spend part of the day with Liam and Jonathan. What a blessing they are! Tried to take them “Mutton Bustin”, but they were content to just pet the lambs. They gave me an excuse to watch Toy Story again. Sounds like things are going well there! Heard your group is bringing home my and Kayla’s suitcases. Thanks!

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