HEY UCC, Family and Friends,

Another beautiful day in Northwest Haiti and the road to Mare Rouge still is bumpy!  Not many surveys taken today, but Jody says nothing in Haiti is a coincidence.  We decided to take Pastor Caesar with us and visit some of his church members.  Praise the Lord!  One young mother asked to receive Jesus while we were there, and another mother wants us to come back tomorrow to add her whole family to the Family of God.  Most of the group also had a quick trip to the city market–I’ll let them tell their own stories!  Hot dogs and french fries for supper tonight–we have a nice blend of Haitian and American food.  Thanks for keeping us all in your prayers– especially to Rhett, Leah, Tray, Nate and Luke!!!  My annual fall sinus infection decided to hit full force today, so I can hardly talk–and you all know how hard that is for me.  Steve


As Steve said, we had another eventful day in Haiti! Visiting people’s homes, several accepting Christ, seeing the huge market in Mare Rouge and I personally got to hold a newborn Haitian baby! What a great day! Boy was it exhausting!! Still having a great time and am so excited to see those smiling faces. Oh what beautiful faces the people here have! Tonight a few of us will get our hair braided, Haitian style. 🙂 Thank you for your prayers! We will be home before we know it. Sara

Precious Beth Nick Claire and Sophia, my heart longs for you, Haiti is beautiful, and deserves our love, our prayers, and our resources,  tonight I’ll get my hair done.  I want  to share the beautiful nights, the milky-way, the moon.  I love you even under water. Te Amo! BB


Today was a beautiful day… two women accepted Christ. I would say the trip is a success! Everyday the people of Mare Rouge are excited to see us and to talk. Sometimes it take 45 minutes to ask questions, but everybody wants to be heard and has lots to say to us. I am very thankful to back in Haiti and see how resourceful they are. Love you Denver familia!! Greg


Amen, the road is still bumpy.  And the ride is longer every day, two hours each way.  Sunburns all around!  But despite that, we are still in good spirits and having a good time.  Thanks for all the prayers!  It was neat to meet people who are part of the church and pray for new believers today.  I believe one was a single mother, please pray for her because in the Haitian church culture it’s hard for single mothers to be accepted.  Sad but true. Miss my boys a lot today, and wish Josh was sitting next to me on the truck so I could lean my head on his shoulder.  I’m not as talented at Jordan–he can fall asleep anywhere!  So thankful for this opportunity and I’m praying for you Josh as you serve the boys.  Love you!

PS. Just heard the comments from yesterday.  Glad the boys are sleeping better.  Tell J I can’t wait to eat lunch with him on Saturday!  Praying for you–I know it’s such a hard job! Thanks Dowells & everyone else for helping!


This is my first time actually blogging and I don’t really know what I have to say. This is my third time in Haiti. I get surprised by the everyday things that happen here. Things that would be unthinkable in the states happen everyday here. grandmothers abusing grandsons, wives being beaten by husbands. Everyone here has a need whether its water, food, clothes, physical, or all of the above the biggest need is the spiritual. Satan has a hold on these people in a way we as americans will probably never understand. The hunger for the one and only who saves is great but they have so much fear, and there are so many hurdles they have to face in order to live for Christ. I envy them and pity them all at the same time! All I can do is pray and rely on God to rescue all of his Haitian children. Not everyone has to come to Haiti but I do believe we all as God’s people need to go and share in the hardships and joys of what our brothers and sisters in Christ deal with everyday. keep on praying, Love you all!!!

Hey, UCC Jr. High Youth Group!!!!
I hope that you all had a great week of school and other activities. Praying for you guys and can’t wait to see you all next week! 🙂

This is the fourth foreign country that I have been to, but just like every country I’ve ever been in, including the U.S., the biggest need they have is that they need Jesus. Please be praying that we would communicate to the people of Mare Rouge the love Jesus has for them and that He is SO much greater than Satan.

The market of Mare Rouge was not at all what we were expecting. We were thinking that it would be small, but it was huge. It was really funny to see everyone’s reactions to seeing a group of Americans walking through their market. It was different from all the other foreign markets I’ve been to because those were geared toward tourists, this one not so much… 🙂 There were clothes, fruit, fresh meat (very fresh meat :)), and other food for sale. It was the busiest place we have been in this entire trip, so it was nice once we left to go back to the quite and less crowded streets.

Hope that all is going well at home. Elias thanks you for your comment and says that he will do his best to act like Jesus.


Thanks to all for your prayers.  I will not add a lot since many have commented.  Today was a great day because of the two woman who accepted Jesus.  Love to Mike and the kids.  See you Friday.  Matthias I hope your football game goes well.  Megan I pray that Story of the Soul goes well on Thursday.  Love Mom/ Michelle


  1. The 1st picture where Amy is playing catch with the boy on the beach churns up a memory from about 10 years ago. Imagine Amy instead wearing a softball glove. “Hey, Josh, hit me a pop fly!” She is answered with the clear “tink” of the aluminum bat driving the softball high into the blue sky directly toward her. She moves under it and, like any good softball player, she calls for it: “I got it!”… And I’ll let Amy finish the story.

    I didn’t realize your drive each way to Mare Rouge was 2 hours! That’s no small thing. So great to hear of 2 new sisters in the Family! Raked some leaves this evening. The boys loved playing in them! While I was making dinner, Liam played in the back yard all by himself. He did great & had a blast! He followed Chewie around for awhile & then started throwing the little rocks by the old hot tub fence, repeating that for a long time. Boys are doing great. J asked tonight, “Why is Mom still in Haiti?” We looked at the calendar and counted the days remaining. Only 3! We know you’re doing so much good, but at the same time, we can’t wait for you to come home! We love you!

    P.S. In case anyone cares or was wondering, the 2 teams who are in the World Series are Texas & St. Louis. 1st game is Wed night.

  2. Mom & Daddy,
    So good to see your faces and can’t wait to hear your voices. (Hope yours is back by the time you get home, Daddy, so we can hear your stories.) All day today I tried to think of some encouraging words to send you and all that came to mind was the song “Thank you for giving to the Lord” where a child who came to Christ through a missionary was saying thank you to someone who gave to that mission. Your time in Haiti will not return void, as was already testified today by the young mother coming to THE saving grace of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!
    Much of the same going on at our place today. I put in the job application! Boot camp Tuesday, Wednesday church, church board Thursday and parent teacher conferences (Ben & Rhett). Then Friday you will be home! Did I say I can’t wait to hear your voices?!

    Love you, miss you, proud of you, and praying for you!

    PS: Who won the card game?

  3. Praying for you all! I have enjoyed reading your posts and the pictures are beautiful! I know God is working through you all to reach his children in Haiti. We miss you in small group, Greg! We can’t wait to hear the stories you’ll share with us!

  4. Team, Sounds like a great 4th day and some great news in sharing Christ. Thanks for all the comments and pictures. It really helps connect those in Manhattan and other places with the trip and events of your days. Michelle and Morgan, all is fine here. Look forward to seeing everyone on Friday night in KC.

  5. Hi Mom and Morgan,

    We love and miss a you and are excited to hear all of your stories in person. We’ve been praying that God will continue to use you during your time in Haiti.

    Also, plans for Story of the Soul are going well. Your prayers are appreciated! 🙂

    Love, family

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