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This afternoon we took a boat ride across the bay to a peninsula where there is a small fishing village. I was struck by a couple of things during this excursion – I’ve seen them over and over again this week. First, Haiti is a beautiful place, but underneath the beauty is an environment that is pretty hostile. This fishing village was right along the coast. I can’t imagine what it would be like there if a hurricane hit. I’m pretty sure grass huts wouldn’t stand up. The poverty we’ve seen this week was at its greatest in this little village.

Second, the people of Haiti are pretty ingenious. They have found a way to survive in a hostile place. The folks at the fishing village don’t have water even though they live right on the Atlantic Ocean. For drinking water they have to make a trip to Mole. Our trip in a motorboat took about a half an hour. They don’t use motor boats. Yet they have found a way to make life happen. I’m so impressed.

There was one other thing about the trip across the water that impressed me. The waves weren’t too big but cutting through them did kick up some spray. As we made our way across we began talking about the time Jesus calmed the water. I’m not sure of the exact size of this bay, but I imagine that it is near the size of the Sea of Galilee. Fifteen or so miles long and about seven miles wide at its widest.

So being out in the water gave some perspective to Jesus making the wind and waves stop. If He just made the wind stop blowing the waves would still continue toward the shore for some distance. To make both stop at the same time is beyond amazing. There had to be so many waves, so much energy in motion, such power. Yet Jesus has greater power. Our God has tremendous power. No wonder the disciples saw for maybe the first time that Jesus was Lord. He is Lord of all places. Land or sea. United States or Haiti. We serve an awesome God!

And our all-powerful and awesome God created Haiti and the people who live here. He gave them the ingenuity to find ways to survive here. Because of our time in Haiti I have a new and better perspective of our God. We serve an awesome God.



Our last night in the Northwest Zone of HAITI.  What an awesome time this has been to get focused on what it means to live the Word of God.  We had a great time in Mare Rouge visiting some of the homes of the church members which we might neighbor.  We finished with a great visit with Pastor Caesar which was a blessing for all of us.
My cold and sinus infection seems better today – PTL, but I have a sunburn like I haven’t had since days on the tractor!
Richards family, waw good we to hear from you last night as the blog was read.  Glad the YL banquet went well, and are praying that the follow-up goes as well for you Cory.  Anxious to share all we have learned about God’s amazing love with all of you.


There are soo many things that we take for granted like going to church in whatever we want to wear, but in Haiti you must have Sunday clothes to go. If you don’t have any you don’t go to church. We interviewed the pastor today and that was one of the first things that we said along with having a group wedding so people can serve in the church. Each day God has changed our plan and blessed with His… We went and visited with people from the church and prayed with them and I am sure we were more blessed then they were. The body of Christ is alive in the people of Mare Rouge and we are blessed that they will be praying for us. It seems to me the least we can do is give back to them out of our plenty. I love these people!!


What an amazing week with an amazing group.  And we are bonded in many ways…even to the point that we all share farmer’s tans (and burns) now.  🙂  Today we had a great talk with Pastor Caesar and I think we all feel like we have some good ideas about what the practical needs are of the church and the community.  I’m so excited to see what the next few years bring in UCC’s relationship with the church in Mare Rouge.  It was interesting to me that the pastor had no idea why we were here and that we are considering partnering with them.  He seemed so encouraged that it was even a possibility.  What an honor to pray with him and for him.  It’s pastor appreciation month in the US, but he is leading this church with little help from church members at this time.  We asked how he takes care of himself in the midst of pouring himself out, and he said physically he is tired but his spirit is strong because of prayer.  It seems all these people have learned how to find their strength in the arms of Jesus, even when the physical needs are overwhelming.  How humbling–we can learn so much from them.

I miss you very much, my family.  Can’t wait to see you soon.  Flying out in the morning to stay in Port-au-Prince.  Talk to you on Saturday when we land in Ft. Lauderdale!!!  Oh good at baseball!  🙂


Family and Friends, thanks for all of your prayers.  It has been an amazing experience.  Michelle


  1. It looks like you all have had a fruitful week. I’m so glad that we had a chance to “see” a little of what you did on this trip. May God bless the work of your hands there and may He bring you back safely to Kansas.

  2. Hello friends and family! We have made it to the guest house in Port Au Prince safely. We will leave very early in the morning (5:45 a.m.) to get to the airport to fly to Ft. Lauderdale. Thank you for your continued prayers as we end our Haitian journey! See you soon! -Sara

  3. Dear Family and Friends,
    We have made it safely home. We could not have had a smoother trip in terms of travel. Thank you for all of your prayers. I am sure that all of us have left at least a piece of our heart in Haiti. Please continue to pray with us for the people of Haiti. Especially pray with us for the people of Mare Rouge. I pray that those who are Christians will be drawn closer to Jesus, and that the people will be delivered for the bonds of Satan. Thank you to Jose, Jody and family for your hospitality and for all of the details that you arranged for us to have this amazing experience. Love in Christ

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