Maple Ave – Day 2…

Nov. 1, Tues.

The day started with our group having devotions at the beach around 6:30.  It was a beautful setting for preparing for the day.  Around 7:00 children began coming by to investigate and see what was going on.  What a perfect opportunity to minister to the children through play.  The language barrier was a slight hinderance, but was compensated for via hand games, teaching them to count in English, and they loved writing their names in my devotional book.  They relunctantly left when we needed to return to the compound for breakfast.  After a delicious meal of oatmeal and peaches, we were off!  Off to Savane!  We rode the tap-tap for 45 minutes over unbelievably rough roads before we arrived.  BYW:  a tap-tap is a truck with benches lining the edges of the truck bed.  We did have life preservers to sit on to help soften the bumps.

We broke into groups of 2 and was accompanied by an interpreter to interview households.  One purpose of our visits was to develop relationships with the people.  Another purpose was to determine what their needs are.  Their needs are many, with the #1 need being food.  They all responded that they did not have enough to eat on a daily basis.  Other needs included health care and education.  When we asked them what they would like us to pray for one man responded that there were too many things to mention.  We saw depression, lack of hope, and discouragement.

We had a Bible School and approximately 30-35 children just seemed to appear.  The children were so courteous and were wanting to hear the Word of God.  An equally important part was just talking and playing with the children.  So far, in our encounters with the children they were just wanting our attention, for us to play with them, to hold their hands, and just look them in the eye.  Acknowledge that they are people and knowing that someone is taking the time to spend with them! In Haiti, it’s all about people.  That is all they have.  We have been told that if we returned 5 years from now they would remember our names.

It was a rewarding, yet challenging day.  We returned to the Mole emotionally spent.

It is evening now, and we are hearing  celebration noises in the background.  It is Day of the Dead.

In conclusion, we want our families and friends to know that we are all healthy, safe, and happy.  This is an awesome team!

**Please feel free to comment to the travelers. I will read comments to them every night at dinner.


  1. What a blessing to see pictures of ya’ll in action!! Austin, I can’t decide (in the picture of the kids touching your head,) if it is because they are pointing out your hair or your height?? I love you and am praying for you! Love, Moma

  2. Hi Ed! You are looking good! Hope you are feeling okay! Did the pouch for the insulin work? Miss you! Love, D’Ette

  3. Hi Ed! You are looking good! Hope you are feeling okay! Did the pouch work for the insulin? Miss you! I am still taking a personal day off to pick you up when you get back. You will have to call me when you expect to get back to the church next Thursday. Love, D’Ette

  4. Hi everyone, this is Julie Myers Anderson, Ed’s daughter. So glad to see you all looking so well. There are many prayer warriors here in Moline, IL praying for all of you. Is Dad driving you crazy yet with his crazy smiles and silly jokes? Hahaha. Thanks for posting and keeping us updated. Love you Dad, hurry home safely!

  5. So neat to keep up with your daily adventures! We have been earnestly praying for you and your time with God’s people! Donnie & Bruce, I hope you have a chance for a little “Snacks & Drinks” time along the way. Miss you all! -Tiffany

  6. Hi everyone. I sure see lots of smiles. We are praying for all of you. Especially you Ed. Are you taking care of yourself and getting your medicine? God bless. Ed, not too many bird calls etc — these people aren’t used to you like we are! I am Sheila Goderis, a Jr. High and High school friend of Ed’s.

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