Maple Ave Has Arrived!!

What a great day!  We want to first of all thank God who has provided us with a safe trip thus far.  He is an amazing God who is so faithful.  I want to share with you our itinerary over the last 24 hours just to make you aware of His grace.  We woke up this morning at 3:30 am to get ready for our flight.   We departed Miami at 6:20 and arrived in Port-au-Prince at 8am and made it to the Mole/St. Nicolas a little before noon.  Just being up for that many hours could be cause for irritation but what a wonderful group of people traveling together!  The teamwork and encouragement continues to make us stronger and better! We are truly grateful for the God we serve.

Today we went for a walk around Mole/St. Nicolas and I continue to be amazed at the absolute contrast in this country.  The scenery is beyond beautiful, you can really see the care and creativity God used when He spoke this part of the world into existence.  But, the contrast lies in the middle of the beautiful scenery. There is an absurdity of impoverishment of the people whether it is financial, emotional, or spiritual…I sit perplexed.  Our walk yielded much fruit as we were able to meet many of the people in the town, and we were blessed to meet them.

We also just found out that we will be taking surveys in the village of Savon Mole (they are a mountain village about 30 minutes from St. Nicolas).  We are excited to know that we will be with them tomorrow morning.  We desire your partnership in helping us serve the good people of Savon Mole by praying for them and us as we meet together.  I would ask that you pray specifically for us to listen closely to the needs raised before us.  Pray that we also not put the surveys ahead of the people.

It has been great to see the relationships that many on our team have already developed…Austin has stolen the heart of Rosie (Jose and Jody’s daughter). At lunch today I was sitting by Austin. She came and stood by me and informed she needed to sit by him…Ed has a throng of youngins around him all the time, and Bruce was a personal jungle gym for Gabriel.  I don’t think anything could rattle Diane or Karen! They are super troopers and it is great watching everyone work together.

In closing it is necessary and deserving to let you all know just how blessed we are to be here partnering with the awesome work God is doing here through his faithful servants Jose and Jody and for your partnership in helping take the loving work of Jesus to others.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!
Donnie Case


  1. Karen and all—-so glad you have arrived safe and sound.
    Will be looking forward to hearing all the wonderful things you are doing.


  2. Karen, the little girl you are with in one of the pictures is sooooooooooooooooooo cute. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us back in Macomb.

  3. MACC Family!
    I am praying for you and the work you are doing. I thank you for representing all of us and God in this mission. With all my love through Christ-Rachel

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