Maple Ave – Day 3…

What a blessing today was!  We began the day with devotions on the beach. I enjoy this time – spending it with God, reflecting on our experiences thus far and doing self evaluation.  I’m still so amazed at the friendliness here.  Almost everyone greets you with a smile and a wave.  We came back to our rooms to freshen up, have breakfast and prepare to leave for the day.

Our host family has been so very gracious, as well as the translators that will be working  with us throughout our stay.  The tap tap ride from Mole St. Nicholas to Mole Savane opens your eyes to God’s beauty as well as some insight to the people and their day to day activities.  We were greeted by a few of the children we met yesterday as we came into the village.  We set out today to survey in two teams of three.  We met families throughout that greeted us with loving hospitality.  As we walked along the road, children came and walked along side us from house to house, holding our hands.  We kept gaining children as we turned around and headed back in order to do our Bible lesson.

The children enjoyed us being there and playing games with them.  It’s sometimes the simplest things that make all the difference.  I am not sure who was touched more, me or the kids! Austin did his Bible lesson in the church today.  He did an amazing job relating the lesson of sin and us having a purpose to a soccer ball being flat and filling it with air (us being filled with the Holy Spirit).  The kids loved the visual.  After the lesson, the kids played soccer together.  Their was pure joy in their eyes as they were all running around and kicking the soccer ball.

When leaving, the kids gathered at the entrance of the church to tell us goodbye and waive. All in all, the feeling of meeting each and every person, young and old, has been a blessing to each of us.  I love that we are going to the same village each day as we can build on the relationships we are starting to establish.  We are finding that the needs here are great. We are thankful to be able to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with this community!


In addition a few words from the group:

Karen wants to wish Chad a very Happy Birthday!
Diane wants to say Hi and I love you to Jordan & Amfenee, Jodi and all my family & friends!
Ed says Hi to D’Ette  It’s really hot and big bugs  thanks to  my supporters friends and family

Hi JUJU  God is so good

Hey family and friends,
Once again Happy Birthday, Chad.  Things are going great here.  It’s hot, but usually there is a nice breeze to cool us off.  Can you believe I have not a Coke since Sunday night?!?! We go to bed tired each night, but wake up ready to go again the next morning. Isabel, ELi, Brady, and Bailey….I love and miss you.  I’m anxious to see you kiddos report cards when I get home.  Is little Miss Bailey walking yet?  Brady, there is a JD gator here!!

Love all of my big kids too!  I’m fine and happy to be here.

Bruce says to send Mountain Dew!  Quick!  Seriously… all is good and praying that God is being glorified in our actions, our words, and our thoughts as we minister to our new friends in Haiti!  Thanks for the prayers… and thanks to the person who steps up and sends a rush package of Mountain Dew!  See yah soon!

Western Austin sends his love to mom, dad, sister and anyone else reading this. Things are going great and God isteaching me so much. I cant wait to tell you all about it. Thanks for the prayers and the support!

Donnie wants to say that he loves his wife and kids and that he misses you!  He’ll see you in a couple weeks!

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