Maple Ave Day 4…

Howdy from Haiti!

I’m sitting here on an outside deck getting ready for supper and thinking about a great day that we were blessed to experience.  This is the day that the Lord has made!  Austin wasn’t feeling real great this morning, so he stayed back to rest today.  (Don’t worry Hansens… he is sitting across from me right now getting ready to eat… and he is going to be fine!)

After devotions this morning, we headed out in the back of the truck to Savane Mole.  We decided as a group that we really wanted to hike to the area that is the water source for Savane Mole, so they drove us in the truck until we couldn’t drive any further.  Ed decided to stay back with the truck, but Donnie, Karen, Diane, and myself started our hike down the mountain.  It was a little steep, but the four of us made it fine.

Once we got to the bottom, we were able to see where the community goes to get their water.  You can’t imagine the trip that this community takes to get water.  There was a spring that you can fill jugs and then there is a river next to the spring where people were bathing and doing laundry.  The sad thing to see is that someone had led a donkey into the creek, so animals obviously use the bathroom in the same water people are bathing and doing laundry in.  May be hard for some to believe… but unfortunately true.

The trip back up the mountain was a little tough… well… for all but Karen.  She got to ride a donkey up the mountain.  Yes… she is getting a ribbing about it this evening, but those of us walking were a little jealous!  We have some great pics that I’m sure Karen will share with yah’ll.

After eating lunch in the back of the truck, we headed back into Savane Mole.  We had some time to play with the children after they got out of school.  As we started our program with the kids, we think we counted over 100 children come into the church.  All I know is that kids were everywhere… and we ran out of handouts and crayons… which we have enough for 100.  But… there were INCREDIBLY well-behaved.  I could not believe how respectful and quiet they were.  I taught on the birth of Christ.  (After seeing Karen ride the donkey this morning, I had a great visual of Mary riding into Bethlehem!!!)  We had taken a generator in the truck, so we showed the kids a movie after our program.  Since a lot of the kids had not eaten yet, we had quite a few leave, but a lot returned.  It is great to see all these children smile and wave, but incredibly hard to have them come up and ask for food because they are hungry.

We are all doing great and looking forward to heading back to Savane Mole tomorrow to meet with more people in the town.

If Marie Gage is reading this… you are right… bathroom rituals are a part of morning conversations!

We appreciate the replies to the blog each evening.  Jody reads them to us right before supper each evening.

Hope all is good.  Still have not received my emergency shipment of MOuntain Dew from anyone, but I’m holding together!

Signing out from Haiti!
Bruce Western


Just a personal note.  Doing ok!  Heat never lets up!   Red pouch is great  ED


Hello from Haiti,
Another great day in Savane.  I walked with the others for 45 minutes down the hillside to the river and public tab.  Treacherous, but no lava rocks to slip on.  Anyway, then I was fortunate enough to be able to ride a donkey back up the hill.  Going great and still Coke free!  Waiting to hear from you, so how about it?!?!  Thanks, Marsha for the comment!
Love, Mom (Karen)


Tiffany thanks for commenting. Rachel –  instruct my wife on how to do this…Tell her I love her, and I miss her and the kids…thanks cya soon.  Donnie


  1. Hi all, hope everything is going well. Good here, rained all day, I had a great birthday Mom, thanks for the post. We’ve been helping G&G and everything is good. Can’t wait for you to get back, have a great time and make a difference.


  2. Hi! Austin, I am so sorry you weren’t feeling good today. Hope it is not too serious!!! I’m praying for you, and miss you!! Love ya! Moma
    Thanks everyone for taking care of Austin for me!

  3. Prayers for all of you! You are doing such important work! Thank you for sharing the message of salvation and God’s love.
    Karen, really!? You walk three tines faster than me and your the one that ends up with a free ride? I have to hear the backstory! We miss you… and love you!! Kids would say hi if they were still awake… I just learned to post. More from them later…

  4. Hey baby! I am so glad you are having a great trip and the kids and I are praying for you daily. Thanks for the notes you left behind!!!! The kids ask about it every day. Both boys had great parent/teacher conferences and Makenzie’s is tomorrow am. Scott Zorn says hi and can’t wait to see you at next months dinner. Please tell Bruce “I told you so!” You both know what I mean. hahaha. Sorry, couldn’t resist! Can’t wait to see you. Love you!!!!! Kelly

  5. Hi Ed! I went to group last night! Everyone liked the idea of being able to read the blog and see pictures from Haiti. Have you run out of bug spray, nuts, and crackers yet? Take care of yourself. Love ya, D’Ette

  6. hey hey friends!! So happy to hear that you all are doing so well. Its great to hear about your day and the impact you are making for Christ in such a global way. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you! Love- Ketra

  7. Greetings All! I’m enjoying the duo-mission to ‘rescue & restore MACC Leadership’ too with the great pix posted. Also, note to Donnie in case you haven’t been able to communicate otherwise: Kelly’s most recent FB wall post was good news about Grandpa picking up the kids in Bloomington. Plus, kudos to Aimee C. for bringing a big Italian Express Feast to last a couple of days. So far, so good.

    I will be thinking & praying for the Rescue. Restore. & Redeem. Mission Trip especially this Sunday during a new song we worked on called, “You are God alone.” Austin would like it–on bass ^_^. We’re showing the Stephanie Dalton Video (looks good!) and we’re lifting her & YOU all up to the Lord at the Community group prayer meeting at City Hall, Sunday evening. (It’s Crazy Love week, LoL) But wait, there’s more! I’m looking forward to Kurka’s presentations about ‘What Does It Mean To Be Human?’ [] I’m going not only to show support, but because it ties in neatly w/the Chip Ingram Bible Study about “Why I Believe” & creationism. I envision me bringing that as an online bible study. Stay tuned.

    My future posts will be much briefer, but in closing, here is a Chronicle article titled, “$150-Million Gift to Stanford Seeks to Alleviate Poverty in Developing World (By K. Mangan) Stanford officials announced Friday that a gift, from Robert and Dorothy King, is among the largest ever made to Stanford and its Graduate School of Business. It includes a $100-million grant to start the Stanford Institute on Innovation in Developing Economies, which will be known as SEED. It also includes $50-million in matching funds to encourage donations to Stanford programs that tackle poverty. “Oh how the Good Lord works in mysterious ways. I say, hook in & spread the wealth! ^_^

    Well good night blessings to all the MACC family & big hugs & prayers for the Castillo family too. Jody does a fine job w/the tweets & the blog, I feel like we’re neighbors already & I look forward to keeping in touch. I wonder if Jody is on “G+” because not only would that allow for face-2-face chats, but it would provide a great example to other Christians and non-believers alike. I’m working on doing a virtual bible study that way. Jody, check it out at Sign up soon & we may arrange for Kelly & the kids to be able to say goodnight to Donnie virtually in person? That would be after 5 minutes of giggles because technology can be a tool for good use. Have FUN kids! In much Christian Love, Amelia ^_^

  8. Bet you are experiencing lots of heat. Don’t overdo. I know D’Ette is really missing you. I am sure you will have stories to tell us when you return. Take care.


  9. Hello everyone!

    Mom, Brady says, “When are you coming back? I hope you come back soon. I love you.”

    We sure do miss you & love hearing about your days! I bet the kids were thrilled with the crayons and goodies you had for them.

    Enjoy the rest of your time…

    Love Ya~

  10. Hi Everyone~

    Brady says, “I miss you. When are you coming home? I love you.”

    We sure do miss you, but love hearing about your days! I bet the kids were thrilled with the crayons & goodies .

    Can’t wait to see you. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Love Ya~

  11. Well all, wish Kenlyn and I had been able to make the trip. Glad all is going well and the spirits are high and the Spirit is being lifted up. My prayers are with each of you and the revealing of God’s merssage to the hungry children is a powerful conviction for me. God bless and keep y’all. John Deckard

  12. Karen, the kids say:
    Hi! This is Eli! Today I went to a friends house and I had fun. We played video games and more video games. Then we had lunch and guess what?- we played more video games. What are you doing grandma? Are you having fun? I love you!

    Hi, grandma, it’s Isabel! Guess what? I was chosen to sing in the Holiday Festival of Choirs! Today I had a friend come over all day. We had a great time. Did I hear you rode a donkey? I miss you and love you. Come back soon!

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