All The Single Ladies…

I just want to say thank you to everyone who kindly gave donations to help us buy food for those in need!

In Haiti – one of the most shunned groups in the Single Moms. In MANY churches – they aren’t allowed to sing in the choir. They aren’t allowed to take communion. They aren’t allowed to serve in the church in any way. Many of these precious ladies keep their heads down while they walk  – ashamed.

Back in June a team from Savannah Christian Church decided to meet specifically with these ladies. They gave them the courage to hold their heads high! They also helped them develop 4 small groups which meet every Wednesday. These groups have Bible Study and fellowship each week.

I felt God tugging on my heart to bless these specific ladies with some rice to feed their children. So this morning I invited all the women to come to my house. I didn’t tell them what I was going to do. I gave them a few encouraging words and had Momma Gigi pray over them. I told them to remain seated and Gabriel, Rosie, Malaya, and Mikela passed out 50 bags of rice! Each bag feeds 10 people! So this morning 500 meals were served to 50 starving families! What a blessing!

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