Maple Ave Last Day…

The truck was full.  Not only were there about 18-20 people all together, but we had the meals/clothes we were bringing to Savane Mole, multiple large bags of rice, a bucket of fish, 4 cases of bottled Coke, and 2 goats in the back of the truck!
We arrived at Savane Mole and were greeted by many of the children and parents.  It was a bittersweet day.  We played with the kids and then Bruce and Ed gave the final lessons.  Bracelets were handed out to the kids as part of the lesson.  They really enjoyed that!  We moved into the school/church to hand out the packets of food.  The food was well received.  Once finished, we went to the soccer field and played soccer and other games.  When we heard the truck come back for us, it was time to leave.  How difficult it was to leave the people we established relationships with this last week.  The kids waved to us as the truck began the journey back to the Mole.

Many emotions are stirring within us this evening.  We know we will be heading back home to see our friends and family, yet we are saying a farewell to the people here in Haiti.

Please pray for a good night sleep tonight and safe travels tomorrow as this will be the last blog of our journey.

We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

~ Diane


Lori and Kristi, I’m not sure, but I think you two win the prize for the most blogs.  Thanks!  Our work is finished here for the time being, and tomorrow is a full day of travel.  Will arrive home sometime around 4am on Thurs.  I’ll call you if you want me to and  let you know that I made it home!  🙂 It was hard leaving our new Haitian young friends, but now I’m ready to spend time with my kids and g’kids back home.  Kristi, Friday sounds great to me.  It will be good to see everyone!  See ya soon.
Love, Mom (Karen)


It is our last night and it comes with real mixed emotions. Leaving the good people of Savane Mole like my buddy Ogden (11 years old) is difficult, but I am so looking forward to picking up Ian and Haden and Makenzie and giving them the biggest hug I can.  Makenzie, I promise I will shave the prickers and thorns by the time you are home from school.  Haden and Ian we will play football when you get home.  Kelly I miss you so much.  It will be exciting and exhausting sharing with you what we have experienced, but we will be glad too. Love, Daddy/Donnie


  1. What a life changing event I’m sure this has been for all of you. I’m sure the people you have met this week will never forget you and the love you brought with you. Those of us who love you here at home are glad you will be back soon though. Thank you so much for the daily blog. It was really appreciated! Proud of you and your group Dad! Love, Julie~Ed’s daughter.

  2. Don’t know if you will get this… but safe travels to you all. I am praying tonight for a smooth journey out for you. I know you will be missed… but am so glad it is time for you to journey home.

    Yes, Karen, call as soon as you can!

  3. Mom,
    Hopefully this will help me catch up with Lori and Kristi. Just a quick note to say – “get home soon” we all miss you and are ready to have you back.

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