Surprising KaPaFu…

Friday morning at 4am Jocelyn headed to KaPaFu with two goats and 500 meals! They were surprised to say the least! There is just something so special about staring out at the ocean and all of a sudden seeing a boat headed your way! That most certainly doesn’t happen every day!! The villagers were jumping and up and down – screaming in excitement  – when the row boat headed their direction!

Just over a year ago we found KaPaFu while looking for caves! Over a two-hour walk – many of the villagers come to our church services! Can you imagine walking 2 hours through the mud just to attend a church service? Then walking two hours back? Imagine doing that while you’re 9 months pregnant! We had a lady from that village who walked every Sunday throughout the entire pregnancy. They are just so hungry to hear the Word!

I love when we can go the extra mile for this fishing community! They truly inspire me in the way they share all they have and truly care for each other!

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  1. Jody,

    This brings me such joy! The people of this village have a special place in my heart and I would take that wild boat ride any day to see their smiling faces! I remember the first time we “found” them and the promise of our return. We kept that promise and Grant spoke to them about God. There was no spiritual leader, many did not go to church and it seemed as if His word was rarely spoken there. Nine months later I returned with my small group girls to give out solar lights. As one man invited us into his home, he sat with his bible open near his doorway with help from the translator; he smile, thanking us for coming and bringing light so that he can read his bible at night. I am in awe of His work in this village! Praise God!!!

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