Black Mountain Boat Builders…

I am SO EXCITED about the Black Mountain Boat Builders! This is a team coming into Haiti at the end of January. When they asked what one of our needs were – we explained it was to provide boats for food and water! So this team has taken on a boat building project!

So that they have a little experience in building – they’re actually constructing a small boat in the states! They’re meeting weekly between now and January to complete their boat! When they come to Haiti they will work alongside a Haitian carpenter and construct the boat together and give it away at the end of the trip!

Below are a few photos of their planning session! HOW COOL IS THAT!?!

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  1. You certainly have receevid a new vigor for Haiti. Wonder what God will do next?Really becoming quite exciting to see what God will do in this country of Haiti.Indeed what He will do within each one of us when we listen to His leading.

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