End of The Year Revival…

Tonight we start our one-week End of the Year Revival! All the instruments and supplies came yesterday! Everyone in the Mole is so excited!! Please be praying for our church and for the community during this next week! Pray their hearts and minds will be open to not only hearing the Word but BEING the WORD to those around them!

This is from Jocelyn: So excited that our one week conference is starting tonight to end on the 31st with a big party. It’s about ending the year thankfully seeking GOD’s protection and His guidance for the coming year and about being on our guard and staying in prayer. 

Jocelyn will be emailing me pictures to post on the blog so stay tuned!!

I also wanted to update you and let you know that we have only raised $175.00 of the $600.00 we need for pumpkin soup! If we’re going to provide Ka Pa Fu, Preskul, & Karenage with soup this year we have to have the funds by Wednesday in order to purchase everything at the market in time! If you can help please click here – DONATE NOW!

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