New Years 2012…

On New Years Eve the church held a special service where they prayed into the New Year! They decorated the church and feasted on goat, rice, beans, &  salads! Everyone left spiritually and physically full!

Around 4am on New Years Day  – several from the church headed out by boat to deliver pumpkin soup to KaPaFu, Preskul, & Karenage. This was the first year we included Preskul. We found the village late January of last year.

Every village was grateful – shouting to God with praise & giving Him glory! They each were given a lesson and prayed with! Jocelyn tried to be respectful and not take too many close-ups of people because he didn’t want to shame them. Many were licking the bowls clean – getting every last drop!

When the boat arrived at Preskul the entire village began to jump up and down! They were pleasantly surprised to say the least. Jocelyn prayed with them and sadly learned that many had not eaten for 3 days. There were tears as they saw God provide for them in the midst of their suffering. They said this was proof that God hadn’t forgotten them!

This was a true celebration on many – many – levels!! Thanks everyone for allowing us to be the hands, feet, & face of Jesus  – to thousands of suffering villagers!

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