2012 Rockstars – Day 4…

Hi friends and family

Isn’t it the truth that when someone tells us not to do or look at something, our first instinct is to do exactly that and do it or look?!?!  The same is true in Haiti—no matter how many times Allen told us and the workers not to look directly at the light when someone was welding or we would burn our eyes, we all had to continually fight the urge to look.  There is probably some spiritual parallel to be drawn from that about being attracted to light and Jesus is the Light, but really we just spent the whole day reminding each other not to look as we tried to paint the walls around the bunk bed welding and wooden cubby construction going on in the same room.

The guys spent literally sun up to sun down constructing furniture to go in the first room of the orphanage breaking only to eat meals while us girls worked hard putting 2 coats of paint on the 12-foot concrete walls around them.  After finishing the painting, the girls were able to spend some time walking through town with our interpreter inviting children to come to our sports camp/VBS that we are doing tomorrow afternoon.

–Sarah (on behalf of the PV team)


Another wonderful day here. Actually made good progress today on cutting out several boat parts. Logs to lumber takes time, patience and a lot of sweat. Thanks to a new axe head with a new handle we made, and a new very large hand saw that they brought us, we had a very tiring and productive day cutting out boat parts. Gray even made a boat paddle. Wes and crew ran a clinic all day and probably saw over 100 people, everything from infections to broken legs. Kelly went out into the hillside villages and spent time sharing the Gospel with people, praying with them, and even washing womans feet in their homes. The word spread about her coming around and she even had people waiting for her to come by. Aaron is feeling right at home, as they asked him to clear some trees and brush to prepare a new area for more orphanage housing. Everyone is feeling great and really enjoying our time and our fellowship. Thank you all for your support to get us to this amazing place and your continued prayers. We love you all and love hearing your comments at dinner every night.


Heidi, Addison, and Ryland I love you so much and can’t wait to see you. We are having an amazing trip so far. I can’t wait to show you pictures and tell you all about our trip. Oh, and Heidi you should really get some sleep…3:00am posting on the blog? Love ya’ll.

Hey Kelly, respond to something!-John richard said i should write more. I love you guys.

Elodie, Abigail, and Micah Iove you so much! – Jason

God changed things up today for me. He has a way of doing that! Brought crafts- ended up washing feet! I was so blessed today. God reminded me of John 14- and how Jesus showed His love. Many stories to tell… went to serve and ended up being served. I was blown away when a woman asked if she could wash my feet- she even painted my toenails! God is great! Sara- using your wordless book and pony beads; Carrie using your scripture in Isaiah 40:11; Johnny using your lotions; women’s small group- thank you for growing me and Sam you were my first footbath! Love to you all (Kari Shawn isighters and nanee thank you for your encouraging words.) Talk tomorrow  – – In His Service. Kelly


  1. Alright, I admit it… I check the blog like every 10 minutes…

    The pictures brought tears to my eyes tonight. It is just so awesome seeing all of you using the talents and gifts God gave specifically to you… seeing you use those gifts to bless the people of Haiti and bring glory to His name!

    Praying harder than ever!

    Will have to show the pix to the kids in the morning… everyone is already asleep (praise the Lord).


    P.S. That that bearded man sporting the stethoscope is hot!

  2. This reminds me of Jesus and the disciples going into the villages- you think you have stories to tell, these people will be talking for a long time. Very sweet about the foot washing.
    Living outside yourselves. Nanee and Papa (saw some hardwork being done on that boat, want to see finished project.)what are the kids doing?

  3. Yay, I’m grinning from ear and tearing up hearing and seeing what all God is up to there. I just adore seeing these pictures…you are all working hard and loving on some awesome people…looks like they are loving on you all too! I’m so proud of all of you and know you are going to bless our socks off when you come home. Pretty impressive work on those logs! I love you tons, Richard ~ Heidi (the clock must be wrong…I’m not quite that dedicated) I tell you though, I miss you being on 11pm potty duty – I think I’ve missed that “moment of opportunity” every night thus far:( Oh and Addie asked what I think you look like when you come home and I said I think you’ll be dark…she said, no mom….his skin won’t turn black just cause he’s in Haiti…haha.

  4. I am loving these updates, thank you for sharing your stories and pictures.
    Kelly, you look like you are so in your element, and I am so excited that you have been able to share your servants heart and your love for Jesus with so many people in Haiti. Also, it’s great to see the picture of Gray climbing trees and know that we all play in the same language and we really aren’t so different after all.
    Aaron, I think it’s awesome that God had a plan for your trip that you may not have known about going in, and that you are using the things you are so good at to serve the community there.
    Wes, it looks like you are taking care of some adorable children there, I am glad they have such a compassionate person there to help them feel better. But I also think with all our kids getting sick the little Isight village will be happy to have their doctor back.
    Jacob, David, and Austin, I hope you guys are working hard and really enjoying your time there. I can’t wait to hear stories about your experiences there. We are praying for you guys.
    Ryan and Jason, that boat building looks insanely intense. I hope God gives you the rest you need to pour your energy into cutting boards and assembling a boat.
    Finally I hope you are all enjoying all the new people you are meeting and serving with. We pray that God will continue to bless your time there, that he will keep you safe and that the spirit will fill you in ways that you never knew were possible. And that you will take that energy back with you and share it with all of us ere who couldn’t join you this time. Blessings!

  5. Keep up the good work!! We are praying for boldness! And logistics, safety, and so on.

    the hausers

  6. we love that your evening ritual is to read the comments from home…our morning ritual is to read all that you are doing there…we are so proud of each and every one of you…all your hard work is incredible…we love seeing all the pictures and all the smiles!!! Gray…loved seeing you up in the tree…we miss you all terribly…but are so grateful to you for doing this work…and sharing all your gifts with the beautiful people of haiti….sending love and light to you all…you are always in our prayers….big hugs to gray and willa from z and j…peace my dear dear friends….shawn

  7. Amazing. How we yearn to be with you all! Any specific prayer requests? Having women’s small group tomorrow night and will spend the evening praying for you all. Praying that you run this race with endurance and with peace that surpasses all. -Erin

  8. Hey PV people — So encouraging to see how God is using the gifts and talents He’s given each of you for such a purpose as this! You guys ARE rockstars! (Sarah, I decluttered my cubicle yesterday. You are going to be so surprised when you see it, I’m sure!) — Debbie

  9. Dad (Allen) kids and I are so proud of you. We look for pictures everyday. Blake and Janie have so many questions. Blake is going to write later in day on blog. He is wondering if the kids have blankets and wondering who has to sleep on top bunk! We love you and pray for you everyday. the kids classes are also praying for you all. Stay safe and I can see God is using you in amazing ways. It is wonderful to see your gifts being used for his Kingdom. Tell Mendy I am glad she is not making you go through bootcamp every morning. Love you Jennifer

  10. Wow what a great update! Kelly, I think you’ve had a lot of prayers for you and the kids and it looks like God is really blessing your time there (my mom almost cried when I told her about your foot washing experiences). Guys, you all look hard at work, I can’t wait to see this awesome boat when your done! Aaron, you are incredibly missed by me and the kids! Are you loving working with a machete? I’ll tell the guys you’re going to replace the trimmers. 😉 I second Erin, if you have any specific prayer requests pass them on.

  11. Hey John! Maybe I’m a day behind on my posts and you aren’t getting them. Sorry!! We are all doing just fine – at home and at work. We miss you like crazy, but are so proud of you and the wonderful work you all are doing there. The pictures are beautiful and we can’t wait until we can hear all of your stories. I want to be there with you next time! We are so thankful that you have been able to have this experience and know that our entire family will be blessed by what you bring home. Be safe and know that we are thinking of you and praying for you every minute of the day!

    We love you!
    Kelly, Miller and Eli

  12. I was thinking last night about all of you guys studying the exact angles and precise measurements while building the boat in the shed. It seems like those might not be quite as important now! I am thouroughly impressed with the work God is doing through each of you and am looking forward to feeding my blog habit again later tonight 🙂

    Micah had a good appointment this morning and I report we have a happy healthy 4 month old. Big development in his little world is that he has successfully discovered he can put his feet in his mouth. Abigail had decent night’s sleep last night – yay! And I think I got my first consecutive 3 hours of sleep since you’ve been gone. Hope you’re sleeping well there!!!

    Today’s message to Daddy from Abigail is a simple “I love him.” I will ditto that.

  13. Kim and McKayla, wow, there sure is a lot happening there! It is awesome to see all of the pics, helps us feel like we’re able to experience little of what you’re doing. Hopefully, Kim, you are back to health and are having a great time. Emma, Bri, and Diddy all send their love and hugs. Bri wanted to tell McKayla that the little girl in her picture was “sooo cute!!” And now some words from Parker…” Mama..Lala..baaath….apple…Anna…baba..no!” ( sorry, he’s not great with conversations yet) We are all doing well, our friends our such a huge help. We had dinner at Kyle and Lindas yesterday. Outstanding!! We can’t wait to see you!! Our house is just not the same! We are praying for you and know that God is doing some awesome things there. ( I know this because He is awesome!) What I am so excited to see in you Mckayla is that you are so willing to say, ” use me Lord !” You had no hesitations or reservations about going on this trip…it is something that you knew God put in your heart! The key here is that you listened and obeyed!!!!! At 12 years old, that is just great. Not only is your Dad happy with the choices that your making, more importantly your Heavenly Father is smiling as he looks at your heart!! Kim, I know that you like to, or more like need to have everything in order and spreadsheeted out for you. You find comfort in knowing what lies ahead. That is why this trip was such a big step for you. You didn’t really know exactly what you were in for, there were so many unknowns, but you are so committed to raising our kids to love and serve the Lord that you put your comfort aside! ( as you often do.) Our kids have an awesome Mom!! I love you sweetheart and ill see you soon! Love you Lala! Dan

  14. Hey Allen — looks like you and the team are doing some amazing things there! Keep up the great work. Our prayers are with you daily!!! Mike

  15. Hi Jason – Our prayers continue for you and your entire team and all those with whom your lives and ministry are now connected. Each of you is making an important difference in the lives of those around you by sharing God’s love and your love with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Thank you for being there on behalf of us all! It is a joy and privilege for me to be here with your family while you are there! Grandmother, Kenny, Daddy, Aunt Liz and Uncle Billy, Chuck and Tammi,, Aunt Janet and Uncle Bob, Aunt Frannie and Uncle Gene, Beecher, Mark, Ken, Linda, Kathy, Anita, Joe B., and SO MANY others are holding each of you up in prayer. Daddy and I love seeing the pictures and following the blog. Your boat building sounds like quite an adventure. Something Granddaddy could have related to very well. A special hi to Jacob. Love, Mom (and Dad)

  16. Oh what a wonderful blessing to see your faces and all that you have been up to on your adventure in Haiti. Isn’t that the way it is— we are blessed in order to be the blessing and as we bless others we are the ones who are truly blessed. A beautiful cycle that only God could create.

    Love, hugs, and prayers to you and your group– Kari

  17. Hi brother. Hope today was a good one. I’ve been thinking about u all day. So very proud of you!

  18. Hi John and Team,

    As we were praying for you today we thought about how “Terrible Thursday” can sneak up on you. (That’s the day when people sometimes feel overwhelmed, discourages, a little homesick and may even be weary of the local cuisine).

    We know there is a reason that God called each one of you there.

    As Romans 2:28 says, “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
    who have been called according to his purpose” NIV

    Each of you may think I am here because .. fill in the blank.., but guess what, each of you were called to be there on this day.

    So, relax, enjoy the fellowship and know that each of you are where you need to be.

    Much love and many blessings and a good nights sleep to you all,
    Papa and Sweet P

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