2012 Rockstars – Day 5

Hello PV families. Today was a good day Alan and his crew completed another bunk bed unit and welded them together. Cliff kept the whole project together while also installing all of the electrical boxes and conduit ran to get electricity into one building. My crew was able to finish 2 of the 3 drawer units that will go under the bunk beds, and a good start on a 6 shelf wardrobe. To my wife Andrea & Paige & Tarin I love and miss you all. God bless you from all the PV Boys.

Hello PV families part 2: We did our first VBS/Sports Camp this afternoon and it was awesome!  We think we had about 150 kids but it was hard to keep count because they just kept showing up!  We had 3 sports stations: volleyball, kickball, and jump rope and we cycled the kids through them.  I’m not sure any new skills were really learned but we had a lot of fun playing and more importantly – they had fun!  After that, Kim taught a lesson about the fruits of the spirit and the kids were very attentive.  We wrapped up the afternoon by handing out a package of crackers to every kid.  I have to say it was basically controlled chaos but that wasn’t too surprising!  Thanks to all of you who donated volleyballs, crackers, etc!  God bless you from Gayla and the rest of the PV Girls!


The Cincinnati team spent the morning gardening! This afternoon they went to Mare Rouge to pick up 18 goats! Many got loose on the ride back! It’s always an adventure traveling with animals! 🙂

They will start giving the animals away tomorrow!



Today was another exciting day we continued our work on the boat. Wes, Jacob and David had a great turn out for the clinic. Kelly did more hut to hut evangelism and she also worked with another church group with a sports clinic.

An exert from our devotions that wraps up what the Boat Builders pray for their hearts to be. If anything, we have been humbled beyond measure. “By walking with and working with (not on or for) our brothers, we affirm them and their inherent worth. In time, as relationships build, we can share skills and ideas, but it may be of even greater value to be learners of the culture, life and skills that have made survival possible for them up to this point.” The boat is not where we imagined it would be and our American tools are definitely not working with the usefulness and speed that we envisioned but the relationship that is slowly building between us and the master boat builder is a gift. Why do we continue to think that our plans are greater than our God’s. How amazing is He!

Jerry –  I want to let you know that this trip has changed my life and I cant wait to tell you all the good experiences i have had love you man. – Austin

Addie and Ryland, I hope you are enjoying the pictures of the Haitian kids and families. I played soccer with a lot of the kids today and thought of you guys and wished you were here. Heidi, it does look like the clock was wrong but 12:00 am is still pretty late. Love you guys!

Kelly, I miss and love you all. I thank you for letting me do this.

Kelli, It is 5 years different. Love all of you guys.

Elodie, Abs and Micah I miss you greatly but we’re having an amazing time. I wish you were here. Mom thanks for being there and helping. Love to you mom and dad. Elodie, I pray for you to sleep well, Micah congrats on the new accomplishment and Abigail I love you too. I love you all so much!

Lindsey if you are checking the blog, PLEASE let David know that his medicine is making such a difference here. I have lots of pics of the clinic to send later. Thank him for me and please know that we are thankful for your prayers. We love you and will see you soon. Ryan

Thank you Nanee and paw paw for your comments and we are doing great. Lots of pics and stories to share. Ryan

Thank you Isight for your prayers, it is awesome to hear our small church leaving so many comments. WE FEEL VERY LOVED. Ryan



  1. We love the pictures, looks and sounds like you all are having a wonderful experience. We can’t wait to hear all about the trip and all the stories of how God has worked in your lives. What you are doing is inspiring, Crystal and I may have to start to pray about possibly doing mission work. May the Lord continue to bless, challenge, mold, and encourage each one of you.

  2. Hi PV team!

    Its so awesome to read what God is up to through each of you! Press on and know you are covered in prayer! May your light continue to shine even as your work days come to a close. Many blessings to you!

  3. To the Cincinnati group(and Rachel!). Praying that your trip has been fruitful so far. We cant wait to hear all the chicken and goat stories when you get back.

    God bless,
    Erin and Rolgard Casimir

  4. Man, Richard, your really are sawing logs down there…hopefully not at night though through your tent walls(no…pun intended!) I can just imagine someone reading my silly jokes out loud…I’m sorry! I know it is hard to see things moving slowly with the boat, but God is “doing a new thing,” he has known all along. He is crafting each one of you just as a boat builder would his vessel. You, his children, are a more valuable, precious, and impactful resource of our God’s…it is through you that his work IS being accomplished, boat or no boat. We are praying and thinking about you all the time. Love ya so much…wish we were there! Heidi

  5. Hi McLellans!
    We are enjoying reading the posts and seeing the pictures. Looks like an amazing adventure! Miss you all. Rayney is doing well. Sending you lots of love!!! Tanners

  6. Jason,

    Thinking and praying for you and the rest of the team. Glad you are haveing a good experience. Take care,


  7. Hi John and Team,

    As we were praying for you today we thought about how “Terrible Thursday” can sneak up on you. (That’s the day when people sometimes feel overwhelmed, discourages, a little homesick and may even be weary of the local cuisine).

    We know there is a reason that God called each one of you there.

    As Romans 2:28 says, “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
    who have been called according to his purpose” NIV

    Each of you may think I am here because ..fill in the blank.., but guess what, each of you was called to be there on this day.

    So, relax, enjoy the fellowship and know that each of you are where you need to be.

    Much love and many blessings and a good nights sleep to you all,
    Papa and Sweet P

  8. We have been following your blog daily and have enjoyed every word
    and picture. You are on God’s journey and we are so proud that you are
    a part of this adventure. Haiti appears to be a beautiful country and we
    look forward to hearing all about the people there. Dad and I have you and
    your team in our prayers daily.

    With much love,

    Mom and Dad

  9. I can’t believe I beat Jenny to a post!

    A few thoughts from Abigail: After a visit to the garden, she wanted to tell you that the the salad was growing yesterday, and last night she prayed for you to sleep good in your tent. While getting dressed this morning Abigail came across her overalls and called them her “fix everything with daddy pants.” I wish we were all down there fixing and building with you!

    Thank you so much for your sleep prayers – Each kid only got up once and I feel like a new woman this morning.

    I pray that God will bless your last few days in Haiti abundantly. I pray that you can look past how much work did nor did not get done, and be thankful for the many ways God moved not only in your lives but in the lives of everyone around you. Our God sure is an awesome God!

    Blessings to all of you in all that you are doing!


  10. Isight,
    So excited to hear the ways that God is both using you and working in you! Keep going! Praying you make a difference today and become a little more like Jesus.

    The poison oak is worse than we thought. Sam now has it on his face. Joel is kind of miserable and scratched all night last night (he slept with me). The fence guys started yesterday. They say they will be done Friday. They have the yard roped off with yellow string, which Walker is terrified of and won’t go near. We have started to accumulate a massive backlog of eggs since you are not here to eat them for breakfast. The chickens laid 5 yesterday! Heels whupped up on Wake last night. The Kuerig misses you. We are still not done with this darn puzzle!!!


    P.S. Elodie, I’ve been having problems with the website and have tried to post like 40 times! I’ll beat you tomorrow. 😉

  11. I’m so glad to hear that all is going well and I know that each one of you is being blessed in more ways than you thought possible. Although we can’t be there with you, we are being blessed too by reading about your experiences and seeing the pictures of everyone there. I don’t know how any of you get anything done with all of those sweet children there! I would be so tempted to just play all day!!
    John, the boys both say to tell you that they love you so much and can’t wait to see you! Eli has a new favorite phrase – “No way!”
    Miller is excited because it is pet week at school and we get to take Bandit tomorrow!
    We love you and miss you!!

    Kelly and boys

  12. Hello Kevin and PV Team!
    It brings tears to my eyes to see and hear all that God is doing through you all for the Haitians each day. I’m also enjoying seeing the joy on your own faces in the photos! What a blessing to be able to serve our King by serving others. Stay strong and stay encouraged! You are loved, appreciated, and covered in prayer!

    Amy Mitchell

  13. Ryan, Kelly, Gray, and Willa
    Love reading the blog updates! So glad to hear that God is working through y’all and amazed to read the stories of what y’all are doing there. It is so humbling to read that Kelly went hut to hut washing the women’s feet….simply amazing. We will keep praying that God continues to use you for His work! I told dad about how much the medicine is helping and he is beyond grateful that he could help in some way. Love you….tell Gray I’m glad to see he’s rockin the Tebow jersey!

  14. Hello Kim and McKayla! We are excited that you will be home in a couple of days!! I know that it will be hard to leave. We are really missing you!!! Last night Lynn brought over dinner! Yum!! Our friends have been so overwhelmingly gracious since you’ve been gone! We are blessed!!! It’s almost like the ladies feel sorry for me! That’s awesome!! Hahaha! We’re holding it together though. McKayla, I just want you to realize that there is nothing in life more important than what you’re doing right now. Serving God!! I know that this week has had an impact on you, and I think it may be helpful to remember everything that you learned this week, and carry it with you always! God is faithful, He is gracious, He will supply all of our needs, He unites us in love. Tonight, look up into the sky before you go to sleep. The maker of the heavens and the earth, the One that put every star in its place, is crazy about you girl!!! Always remember that!!! Kim, have I told you lately that I love you?? O.k….I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!!!!! I am super excited to hear all of the stories you will have to tell! Parker is missing his Mama. He is doing some pretty cool things that show he is comprehending what I say. I’ll tell you about it when you get back. So proud of both of you and WE LOVE YOU!!!

  15. Jacob,
    We just found out about this blog and I am so excited to see all that God has been using you all in Haiti. You have been constantly in my prayers and I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. I love you and am so glad you had this opportunity. Safe (and uneventful!) travels home and I will see you soon. May God show you Himself and make His presence known to you every step of this way. I do love you so!

  16. isight, we have loved hearing about your trip, praying for you all, so glad you have gone and are growing!!!!! love you guys!

    jessi schatzle

    “if you have faith, small as a mustard seed…nothing will be impossible for you” matthew 17:20

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