Some Still Can’t Forget…

Hi, this is Gail from Parkside Christian Church in Cincinnati, OH. I have been traveling with a medical group from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Last week we had the opportunity to do some Neurology/Seizure clinics as well as dental cleanings. Prior to today, we were able to see over 200 patients. Needless to say, working with the Haitian people is always a blessing.

Highlights from today include a Neurology clinic, a women’s Bible study and a trip to the beach. One special patient from todays’ clinic was an 18-year-old survivor of the earthquake. Her chief complaint was not sleeping, nightmares, headaches and episodes of falling to the ground. She was in a building as the earthquake happened. She and her sister were running out of the building but her sister did not make it. She could hear her sister calling out to her for help, but there was nothing she could do. Her sister…her best friend died that day.

As she told her story my mind searched for words to say. What could I say? We were able to spend a lot of time with her, talking and reassuring her it was not her fault. We spent time teaching her about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ways for her to handle her grief. We also spent time praying with her and tried to encourage her. Please join us in praying for her and others who still continue to relive this nightmare.

On a lighter note, some of us went to the beach and played with the local youth. We played ball in the water as they laughed at our aging bodies trying to keep up.

Tomorrow we will be heading to 2 fishing villages to do clinics. Please stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure…

(We had trouble getting our computer to read their camera cards! I’m so bummed….no pictures today!!)

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  1. Gail,

    We are praying for you and your team! Thanks for the update. Expect great things from God and attempt great things for Him!


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