Parkside & Matrix’s Tuesday Boat Adventure!

Great day here at The Mole St. Nicolas! We had the pleasure of visiting two fishing villages today  and having clinics. We were joined by a group from Matrix Ministries from Texas, who brought bubbles and balls and played with the children and families in the villages.Lori led a beach ministry at the first village and told the story of Jesus.

We left at 5AM to get ahead of the rough waters. However, our return trip was an entirely different experience. We traveled for a couple of hours by boat battling against huge twelve-foot waves (okay, five feet high). It was like the perfect storm; trying to defeat the wave, and then sliding back down. We only had one casualty due to sea sickness, who volunteered to be thrown overboard when someone wondered aloud who our “Jonah” was today :)!

The Matrix group spent the afternoon working at the orphanage. Tomorrow they’ll be leveling the courtyard and making the big sandbox.

Gail and Carol enjoyed “beach ministry” this afternoon while the rest of us recovered. But after a couple of hours, all are eager to tackle tomorrow’s adventures in serving.


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