Orphanage Is Almost Ready!

It’s the last day of February!! Where did the month go? Wow! So quick!

Nene has been working diligently this week so that we might open the first week of March! I met with him today and he told me that EVERYTHING should be completed by this Sunday! YAHOO!!


We just added the shutters this morning! Jose will put the remaining crib together this afternoon. I think the kids are going to LOVE their beds! It was all I could do to keep my kids from climbing up and down them! 🙂




Tomorrow we will smooth this floor with cement so the orphans aren’t playing on such a rough surface! We will be adding shutters for the windows that face the street on Friday. I have gone through the toys in our house and have collected several so the orphans will at least have something to play with in here!


TA – DA! All the stalls have doors! 🙂



We’ve been busy building shelves like these for the depot. In order to keep out the dust – we want to be able to build things we can put doors on!



We’ve spent the last few days cleaning up the courtyard so that we can gravel it. You’ll see a little wooden gate now ready to be installed.



1) Gravel courtyard
2) Finish Sandbox
3) Finish remaining shelving units for depot
4) Finish smoothing Playroom Floor
5) Add remaining shutters for windows facing street


1) Monday we will begin stocking our supplies in the orphanage – sheets, towels, kitchen accessories, toiletry items, clothes we have, toys, etc.
2) Tuesday-Wednesday we will head to PDP (6 hours away) to shop for food/cleaning/laundry supplies.
3) Thursday we will put all those supplies where they go and do a final cleaning.
4) Friday – WE OPEN! 🙂


  1. Congrats on the progress. I can’t believe how quickly you all have moved to get to this point.

    Dave Caldwell – PV

  2. So excited to see the pictures of the kids arriving!! Praying for you and your family. In Him, Kim O’Hara and crew…

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