The Mole St Nicholas Orphanage is the proud home of 12 little children!

Eight Littles Ones From St. Louis du Nord 

For those of you who are parents – do you remember the day you saw your baby for the first time? You looked him or her in the eye and just knew it was right – that it was love? This is how Jose and I felt today when 8 little Haitian children loaded our bus and our arms  – and traveled to their new home here in Mole St. Nicholas! It definitely felt right and it definitely was LOVE!

These little ones came from the St. Louis Baby Orphanage. All mission orphanages feed from this baby orphanage. We were originally picking up 7 babies. However we had a new little boy whose mom passed away 10 days ago.  So now we have 8 precious kids under the age of 3!

So our plan this week was to send 3 orphanage workers along with Tizzie and Pierre to St. Louis. They left on Monday and spent time this week bonding with the children and shopping for all the supplies they needed. We had a team scheduled to travel by bus from Port-au-Prince to the Mole yesterday. This bus would pass by Port-de-Paix, which is just an hour from the baby orphanage and pick up the children!

Yesterday we loaded the bus at 4pm with the Texas Tech Team in Port-au-Prince. The bus driver decided that it was too late to drive. So even though we opened on Friday these 8 orphans didn’t arrive home until this afternoon.

The kids were so happy to see all the Americans on the bus! There was a cute little boy who held onto his toy truck the entire 5-hour ride. My parents met us in Port-de-Paix and had little Ice-Pops for the kids. Halfway to the Mole we passed out the frozen treats and the kids gobbled them up!

We know that this will be a transition for them. Even though some haven’t been in the baby orphanage very long – they are coming to a brand new area with brand new worker-mommas. Please be praying for their transition. The group already has plans to read them bedtime stories and sing them to sleep tonight!

Four Little Ones From Mole St Nicholas

We also have 4 other children from the Mole that will now call our orphanage home! Our very first orphan is Fedna. She is the special-needs girl who I’ve blogged about several times! I cannot tell you how excited she was today to be in the orphanage with all her new brothers and sisters! It actually brought tears to my eyes to see her smile! She is home!

I will be sharing names, ages, and stories of all the children sometime this week! We have a great group of 27 from Texas here! They are building a cistern in KaPaFu, Hosting Our Teen Conference, as well as doing VBS, Sports Camps, and Hut-to-Hut Evangelism! So things are a little busy but I’ll be sure to post several updates about our first full week with kids!

You will see in the pictures below:

We painted everything pink and white!

The courtyard is now gravelled!

The Sandbox is completed!

The outdoor cooking area is ready!

The toy room floor is smooth and full of little toys!

Their cubbies are full of supplies!

The depot has food, cleaning supplies, cups, bottles, & bowls!

The nurse station is clean and ready to be filled with medical supplies!


Do you remember  – – I talked about a single mom who had 3 children and slept on the porch of her brother’s house because there was no room? She owned nothing but the clothes on her back. She searched for work and couldn’t find any. She stood up and sang that Jesus was the answer and she was grateful for the blessings in her life.

I’ve been away the last few days and when I walked into the orphanage today I saw her there! The orphanage cleaning lady was unable to work for us – AND our orphanage manager hired this lady in her place! She wasn’t at the Bible Study that day and had no idea that this lady had been on my heart for the last several weeks! How Awesome is Our God! This lady can now feed her children at the same time she cares for ours!! (There is a picture of her below with a broom!)


The beds are full of little kids!


  1. Oh Jody and Jose…this makes my heart want to burst! I just am praying that God will make a way for me to get there and love on these babies and you guys and the orphanage mamas! God has to smiling over these new little adopted souls! Love and miss you all!!!

    1. You just need to come here and play with our kids!! Both mine and the orphanage! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness.. Congratulations!! I am just welling up! Oh Jody, I am just happy for all those little children. Amazed at the progress that has taken place in the orphanage since summer time. And little Fedna…wow, how God has worked in her life bringing you and Jose to her rescue through Jesus. I am just overwhelmed at this moment knowing the abundance of love and kindness you and your family have shown the folks in the Mole. You are such a bright light, shining of His goodness and glory. I feel so immensely blessed to know you and your family. Thank you for sharing the good news and wonderful photos! Miss you. Blessings to you and all the orphanage workers.

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