Hanging Out With The Babies…

The orphanage is the place to be! How could anyone resist such cute little faces!?!

Today I went to check on the kids at lunch and was surprised to see Asher and Levi eating with them! I came back a little later and they were laying down with them for nap time! We had to pull the boys away from their new little friends! I think they were hoping they could  all live together!

The girls have missed the baby orphanage so much since moving to the Mole! Every day they’re begging to go and play! Yes the entire Castillo Clan is in love!

The kids seem to be adjusting well. I spent most of the morning sorting through their charts – matching names, nicknames, faces, and stories together! I think I have everything straight! I hope to share everything within the next 2 days!

We are jam-packed with ministry this week!  Texas Tech spends their mornings doing hut to hut evangelism, VBS, sports camps, and they’re building a cistern in KaPaFu! We spend our afternoons running a Teen Conference and our nights running a Revival! Somehow between all of that I’ll try to post more specifics about each child! 😀

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