Texas Tech Day 2…

Howdy from Haiti!

Hey ya’ll this is Taylor H. with your blog today. We started the day off with breakfast and church. Katherine, Daniel, Landon, Kelvin, and I took on kids church, which consisted of 25 little Haitian kids along with our translators. After our bible stories about “our favorite animals” and Noah, we spent time coloring and singing with the kids. It was really cool to get to spend some time with kids and just laugh with them. Though I wasn’t there, I could hear the adult sermon, and the blend of Haitian and American worship ringing, the sound was both very different and very beautiful.

After church we got to visit the orphanage nearby and see all the progress that had been made, and once again, got to play and love on the kids. Afer we headed back, it was lunch time (lobster sandwiches Haitian style) and orientation time, where Jody explained a bit about the culture, their view of us, and most importantly their beliefs. I was blown away when Jody discussed the topic of voodoo and the many different practices of the culture. As well as worshiping God, the Haitian culture also make sacrifices to Satan for fear that Satan is more powerful than God, or vice versa. Jody went on the explain that many of them view us as angels from Heaven (or Miami as they call it). I can say that hearing this definitely impacted me, and it’s a safe bet that it impacted the rest of them team as well. It made me realize that everything we do here, whether we think anyone is watching or not –  is one of the few reflections of Christ’s love that many of the Haitians will see (Spiritual self check for sure).

The rest of the day was spent in fellowship. Many people rested or played guitar. A group of us went down and played soccer with the village kids, who were definitely very athletic, giving all us white kids a run for our money. We’re wrapping up the day eating dinner, and preparing for our first day of getting our hands really dirty, can’t wait! Well that’s all I got folks! Mom and Dad, I love you guys and I’m alive :).

Always chasing the Son,

Taylor 🙂


Hey everyone this is Audrey Whatley!

Since the lovely Miss Hanson already gave you guys a pretty detailed look at what the majority of the day entailed for us, I’ll just give a brief glance to what the day was like for me personally. After waking up to an absolutely outstanding pancake meal made by our wonderful cook crew, I along with the other ladies in the group, made the trek to the tented church.

I have never in all my life experienced such a free sense of worship. I didn’t understand a single word that was spoken, but I let it and felt it refresh my soul. Their spirits were so raw and open before the King. There was no one holding back, no hushed voices, no unmoved soul. Those who sang, sang using every ounce of breath. They were completely free and they worshiped as if they knew it. Praise completely meant for the King, not for the person beside them or for any self-glorification. It was inspiring to me and I’m sure to many others. It also presented a challenge to all of us to worship in the same unabashed and open way they displayed when we return home to our communities.

In between worship hymns, the preacher would say a few words that would move the congregation and spur them to respond with a chorus of “amen.” Then Taylor, one of our own, took the pulpit and gave a moving sermon about community and the body which emphasized the vital importance of reaching out to neighbors, loving our brothers and sisters by bearing one another’s burdens, and accountability. Afterward I went with a group to the nearby orphanage where we loved on the children and reunited with the babies we carried over on the bumpy bus ride.

When we returned back to the mission, we shared in a hearty lunch, heard a debrief from Jody and had the afternoon to choose for ourselves how we wanted to spend it. I took a trip around the town with a few others for about an hour. It was an eye-opening experience to see the people and witness how they lived and how they responded to us. With the few Haitian words we were able to slur out, we brought smiles and friendly greetings to the people we encountered. Then I’d like to say I spent more time soaking up the sun and engaging in heart-warming experiences with the children we met on the road, but instead I took a brief cat nap : )

And now, with our bellies full and hearts at rest, we are enjoying one another’s company listening to Chris Brooks strum on his guitar and allow our souls time to prepare to embrace tomorrow and continue loving these beautiful people in the same way our Savior loves each one of us every day. Thank you for your prayers and support! I love you Mom and Dad! Hunter, I miss you and stay strong. To everyone else, please keep lifting us up! Your prayers are felt and appreciated! : )

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Forever in Him,



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  1. I’m so proud of you guys! Keep up the hard work and remember y’all are all being covered in prayers! I’m so excited to hear how God has moved in yalls lives when y’all get back!!

  2. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day. It’s amazing that thru all the miles that we are one family of God. Worship in any language is amazing, Sarah love I am so proud of you! Keep up the hard work.

  3. Love the updates so far. Looks/sounds as though you guys are already doing wonderful things. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you all as the rest of the week unfolds!

  4. Hello everyone! We have enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading about the amazing experiences you are having. We miss you Landon…and love you bunches! Be safe and love on those beautiful Hatian babies for all of us.

  5. Everyone, we were so excited to hear about your day today. Stephanie Pigg, your parents love you 2 !!! We are praying for all of you every day as you show God’s love and care to the people of Haiti. Keep the pictures and blogs coming! Blessings to you from back home.
    Love Mom and Dad.

  6. Well. You’ve successfully made me cry. I miss that village so much and I am so so thrilled that they get to see the beautiful hearts you all have through your service and smiles. Take the time each day to stop and let your surroundings sink in. Let the Lord move in you, let him show you a side of Him you’ve never seen before. Let Him show you a love and desire for His people that you can’t even grasp the magnitude of. Praying every day for you wonderful people!!! Love y’all!! Drink lots of water!!! 🙂

  7. We are awed to see how God has revealed Himself to you and your group in today’s worship. It is wonderful to see how the unabashed worship of those who truly love the Lord can impact those around them. We will continue to lift each of you up in our prayers. Give the children a hug from us and continue show them the love of Christ. That is the most important thing you can leave with them. We love you Mom and Dad.

  8. Well. You’ve successfully made me cry. I miss this beautiful country and people so so much. I know God has such big plans for yall’s ministry there, and I am so excited to hear all the amazing stories when yall return! But for now I want to encourage you to soak in every ounce of this trip. Take moments throughout the day to just breathe in and truly realize that you are in HAITI doing God’s wonderful wonderful work! He has chosen you and not rejected you. He will be glorified in all you do as long as you’re seeking to further his name and kingdom! And He is looking down on each and every one of you as the proudest father that ever was. These people need your love, your smiles, your soccer skills (poor or excellent!), and the light that radiates from you that can only come from Jesus. Please send some extra love to Teniku and Wisu for me. Please keep the blogs coming, I get so excited to read them!!
    Love Love Love Love Love,

  9. I posted two comments. Thought the first one didn’t go through. Sorry guys. I’m out of control.

    Anonymous/Hannah 🙂

  10. Just from reading the this blog I’ve been able to tell how much God is using all of you for His purpose. It is truly amazing. I am so glad y’all have taken up this mission with joy and determination! I am proud of all of you! Audrey, keep up the good work and know that all of us are praying for you back here!
    In Him-

  11. Fills me with such joy to hear of the great works y’all are doing for God’s kingdom. Brings tears to my eyes. And now I sound like a mom, great. Welp, love this. Love you all. Shout outs to Shananerpoo, Shmabigail, Johann, and, o’ course, da whole crew, Amish Jew guys! Stay safe, stay strong!

  12. hello everyone! i’m missing yall all so much!! im praying for yall a lot. i cant wait to hear all about the wonderful things youve felt and seen 🙂 im loving the pictures too; try to hop in a bit more everyone please. you know i live for this crap #OurGodReigns

  13. It is wonderful to see how God is using each and every one of you. We will continue to pray blessings over each and everyone of you. I can’t wait to see what god has in store for you the rest of the week. Can’t wait to read the blog for today. Marie we love and miss you and Morgan says to tell you so loves you. Mom, Dad, Morgan and Glenn.

  14. We have so much enjoyed pictures and your updates of God’s awesome love! We love you and miss you Abbey! We are praying for all of you each day and looking forward to your stories of love!

    Love, Mom, Dad and Cole

  15. It is awesome to see how quickly God has revealed Himself and the joy of His people in Haiti to your group. The worship from those who truly love the Lord is a wonderful, uplifting experience. Give the children a big hug for Mom and I and continue to show them the love of Christ. That’s the most important thing you can show them. Be safe. We love you, Mom and Dad.

  16. It’s so good to hear how God is working through y’all in Haiti, keep up the good work! Know that every one of you is being covered in prayer and that you are loved! I miss yall so much!

  17. So awesome to hear about the worship! Makes me long for heaven and the voices we will share in praising the King!! My prayers are with you all as you are the hands and feet for Jesus in Haiti. I pray you will each reflect His love despite the language barrier and see God move in amazing ways.
    Thanks for sharing your journey! Give my daughters Abby, Shannon, and Erin hugs for me.

    Many blessings,
    Janet Graham

  18. Thanks for sharing about your trip. We lifted your team up in church yesterday and you are in my prayers every day.
    It looks like a beautiful place with lots of smiling kids – I know y’all are having fun and doing lots of good things at the same time.
    Love from Grandy & me to all – especially Landon.

    Gay Simmons

  19. It says so much about God’s power to hear of young adults giving your energy, time and hearts to others . Your passion in being Christlike inspires those sharing in it there and here at home too. So proud of you and for you. Devyn, Grandaddy is rejoicing with Jesus right now, watching you serve. Love you.
    Julee Becker, (Devyn Pratt’s Mom)

  20. Abbey–your dad sent us this link so we could share in the group’s ministry. We looked at the pictures and enjoyed reading the blogs both days. We are continuing to hold you and your group in prayer that you will spread God’s love while you are there. Of course, we loved seeing the pictures of you and the others holding the babies on the bus. With much love and prayers for all of you, Gran and Pepaw Smith

  21. Abbey–just want you to know we continue to hold you all up in love and prayers that God will continue to use youall and bless others through your ministry. Enjoyed seeing all the pictures of you and the others holding the babies. We love you much, Gran andPepa Smith

  22. Love love love the pictures of those precious babies!! Al-do you miss your buddy?! We love you tons! We have had fun at 6 flags. I actually got brave and rode the Titan! (yes, folks, I realize I am suppose to be encouraging y’all but I miss talkin’ to my hubby!). Anyway, we have been prayin’ for y’all and look forward to more pictures and blogs. So want to go back again next year. Love the work God is allowing the Wesley to do in His name and for His glory. Love y’all so much (especially the hot bald guy!). Jodie

  23. Lovin’ all the pictures! Elise-I’m impressed with your being able to carry that bucket on your head! Y’all are so amazing and I am so glad y’all are following the prompts of the Holy Spirit and are obeying the will of God. What a blessing to witness the Wesley being the hands and feet! Loves!

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