The Mole St Nicholas Orphanage opened its doors March 10th, 2012. Below are the first orphans to call this place home!

NWHCM does not adopt out of our orphanages. It is our goal to surround the children with the love of Jesus! Then we can raise them up to be strong Christian leaders that change Haiti! These are our future Christian doctors, nurses, construction workers, mommies, daddies, pastors, lab techs, teachers, cooks, mechanics, carpenters, etc.

Marc 3/1/11

*Pastor brought him because his mommy died.


Emmanuel 12/05/08

**Both Parents are deceased.


Neiderson 10/20/07

*Brought to mission by grandmother in Oct 2010. Both parents deceased.


Sandley 1/3/10

*Mom is deceased.


Sondley 1/31/10

*Mom is deceased


Sachenka 10/1/09

*Parents deceased


Samica 7/12/09

*Parents deceased


Sony Jean 3/2/10

*Mom died two weeks ago.


Nahomie (We believe she’s 6 years old)

*Mom died from Earthquake


Magislot 3/6/08

*Parents died of Cholera


Fedna 5/8/02

*Special Needs Child who came from Abusive Home


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  1. Oh my gosh, what a bunch of beautiful children! You are doing a really good thing, and i wish you all the best! We recently founded an organization here in Norway, where we send clothes and gear to orphanages all over the world, it feels amazing to be able to help! One of “our” orphanages has an outbreak of cholera as we speak, and it is heartbreaking not to be able to help! If you want to read more about that, and our organization, you can visit my blog. I wish you and all “your” children good luck!

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