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Hey Folks!

I know you’ve been waiting for the orphanage needs list and here are a few of the things we need! I will be constantly updating this list as things are purchased or other needs arise.

I realize that some of these things are costly but it’s very easy to combine smaller donations! These are our immediate needs. I realize that some of the appliances are more expensive BUT we can buy them in PAP, avoid shipping fees, and avoid waiting months for them to arrive.

If you would like to donate money for any of the items listed above – please click here – Mole Ministry Support


1) We will not have electricity at the orphanage but an hour or so a day. So at night we would like to use Ryobi lanterns (which operate on an 18v rechargeable battery). Jose and I personally use these in our homes and they are wonderful. This will be much safer than using kerosine lamps and overall cheaper since I won’t have to keep buying oil.

Ryobi also makes a fan that uses the same 18v battery. This is what all our missionaries use in Haiti! They are amazing! I can put the fan on low and it lasts all night. I would like to buy 6 lanterns, 6 fans, and 12 batteries.

1 Lantern – 25.00 – Will have group bring in ***Already Purchased
1 Fan – 30.00 – Will have group bring in***Already Purchased

2 batteries – purchased!
Still need 10 Batteries – – – 1 Rechargeable Battery = 89.00 – Will have group bring in

2) On rainy days it will be hard to dry their diapers and clothes. We would like to purchase a Gas/Propane Dryer. This is what we have in our home. With 3 kids still in diapers – it’s the only way we can keep up. I can’t imagine with a dozen kids.

1 Propane Dryer – 820.00 – Can buy in Port-au-Prince – **PURCHASED

3) I don’t have to tell the Americans here how cold the showers get! My little boys used to scream during their bath time before we got a propane water heater!

1 Tankless Propane Water Heater – 900.00 – Will have group bring in

4) We would like to order 2 Water Coolers (that use the 5-gallon jugs). This will allow us to quickly and effortless provide water for the children.

1 Water Cooler – 100.00 – Can buy in Port-au-Prince ***Purchased

Still need 1 more water cooler – 100.00 Can buy in PAP

5) We would like to order a Propane Fridge so that we might store fruits/meats as well as provide ice for their water/juice.

1 Propane Fridge – 1400.00 – Can buy in Port-au-Prince (200.00 raised so far)

6) We want to be able to rock our littles ones to sleep! We would like 4 rocking chairs!

4 Rocking chairs – – 1 chair is 120.00 – – Can buy in PAP

7) We want to purchase little plastic chairs for each of the orphans for when we have our own devotional times!

12 Chairs Needed – 1 chair is 15.00 – – Can buy in PAP


Children’s Clothes – Both Boys/Girls – Size 2T-6T
Children’s Shoes
Sunday Shoes and Socks
Protein bars, shakes, etc.
Baby formula
Cloth Diapers, Diaper Pins, Wet Wipes & Rubber Pants
Shampoo (Head & Shoulders works really well to fight sores/bumps they get on their heads)
Small toys – match box cars, baby dolls, little figurines, kitchen play sets, etc
Sandbox toys – shovels, buckets, etc.
Soccer balls, basket balls, playground balls, etc
Jump ropes, balls & bats, anything fun to play outside
Children’s medicines – cold, fever, pain, vitamins, etc.


1 – Outdoor Playground – around 25K

2 – Solar/Inverter System – around 5K

3 – Basketball Court


  1. This is awesome. Maybe our organization would be able to help your orphanage out with clothes and some gear, contact me and we can talk about it. You can read more on my blog.

  2. I believe my calling is to help the haitian children in orphanages. I am learning creole and am interested in someday traveling to haiti with donated items as well as financial donations. I have started “Shoes for Souls”. I am a classical musician pianist and am trying to find ways to use this gift also. Currently I am starting to make connections to help. I also need a translater to help me translate music to Haitian Creole

    Please write back

    Mesi bok u

    Jene’ Kardinal

    1. Hello Jene,

      We would love for you to travel and see our orphanages. If you have music – you can email it to me and I can get it translated for you – jody@nwhcm.org

      If there are any other questions I can help with – feel free to email me!

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