PVBC Day 1…

Bonjou from Mole St. Nicholas!

It took several long flights and a couple truck rides, but we made it.  And it has been an adventure! I made a friend on the plane from Newark to Port-au-Prince.  Marla and I sat next to an older Haitian gentleman.  He did not know any English, so to practice my French I decided to start a conversation with him.  He was very friendly, but did not hesitate to point out that my French needed some work.  He taught me a few Creole phrases, and our conversation ranged over a variety of subjects (his forty-seven grandchildren, Vitamin A, and airplane bathrooms, just to name a few).

A little while later, our plane hit some turbulance and I noticed him starting to pray.  Marla and I prayed for him, too.  After he was done, I asked him if he was nervous about flying.  His response surprised me.  “No, because I always have Jesus with me.  Do you have him in your heart, too?”  I was caught off guard.  I thought, “Hey! I am the missionary here; this is my job!”

We talked about our experiences of becoming Christians, and then he launched into a string of Creole.  He was speaking so fast that I couldn’t understand what he was saying.  I only recognized the end; “…Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.”  He concluded with a loud, “amen, amen!” and immediately started reciting Psalm 23.  I started following along in English, and he held my hand as I prayed.

When our plane landed, he stood up, lifted his arms, and proclaimed, “We made it!  The LORD is good!”  I walked away from this experience very moved–and with a new friend.  This whole time, I had been operating under the view that I would travel, get to Haiti, and then start being a missionary to people.  M.Valbrun reminded me that I am a missionary everywhere I go, and that the person sitting next to me on the plane needs Jesus just as much as the orphans in the Mole.

After arriving in the Mole, we got settled in the orphanage, where we are staying.  It was recently finished, and 11 orphans just moved in.  Most of them are babies and toddlers, and they are the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen!  As soon as we finished receiving instructions, all of the girls ran to the babies and picked them up.  We had so much fun snuggling, giving piggy-back rides, and playing peek-a-boo.

When it was time to give the kids back to their caregivers to go to bed, they cried and cried because they wanted to keep playing with us.  I can’t wait to see them every day!

Today, we are going to invite children to watch a movie with us, then spend the rest of the day playing in the park and loving on the local kids.  We are all safe and healthy, and despite a little delay with some of the luggage, we have everything we need (if we’ve got Jesus, we’re covered).

Thank you for your support and interest, and whatever you do, don’t stop praying.  We need it!  🙂

Love, Haylee


Please feel free to leave comments. We will read them each night at dinner! 🙂


  1. Thanks for the pictures! Glad you all made it! We are praying for you! Linds- Mom was in your room cleaning the MESS not even a hour after your plane left on Thursday. It was hilarious! You have a spotless room now and I think she’s enjoying the break of not having to look at all the clothes on the floor! We love you and miss you Sissy-B!! Praying that you all will fearlessly and boldly proclaim the name of Jesus in Haiti! 🙂

  2. Looks like you all are having a great time so far. Mikayla- you’re in your element with those kids. Praying for you all!

  3. PVBC (Bracket Class, Watson CLass, and Tyra’s youth group) We are so proud of you all. Todd and Tevin are praying/thinking/loving you every minute from Kansas City. Please know how much we love you all and how proud we are of your extra-ordinary efforts. Love and Miss you !!!!!!!!!!!! XO XO XO

  4. Thank you Haylee and all of you for the wonderful work you are doing in Haiti! I love your pictures (it looks like you are having a great experience). I’m glad you have an awesome opportunity to improve your French skills even more… and also your Portuguese, isn’t it right? You will have to tell me all about João! I love to see you around the children that you love so much, enjoy everything to the max! We pray for you all everyday.
    Amo-te muito, muito profundamente!!!!
    You know how proud of you I am
    Beijinhos (bisous)

  5. The children are just beautiful! Thank you for posting all of the photos. We are praying that all of you will be aware at all times that no matter what you do or say, others that need Jesus are observing you.

    God bless you Haylee & the entire team, with grace & peace, power & protection, health & healing, holiness & godliness, abundance & prosperity, rest & relaxation, and all the fruit & gifts of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, Amen!

    We love you Haylee & miss you and your laughter!


  6. Makayla! So glad you made it safely! We are praying for your time down down there! Sounds like you drove past where we go! Get some sleep, love lots, and BE SAFE!!!! Love you, the Vignerys

  7. Hi makayla! Glad you made it! Great to see your picture with your pretty smile! Love lots and BE SAFE! Love you, the Vignerys

  8. Lindsey

    Glad to see you made it ok, looks like you have already made some new friends from the pictures! Let me know how sleeping in the tent goes! Your room at home is now spotless! Love you! Mom and Dad

  9. I am so glad you got to experience the greatness of Haiti before you even arrived. It is truly an amazing place. Enjoy your time and give those kids some extra love from me.
    Mole St. Nicholas is always in my prayers.

  10. It is wonderful to see all the smiling faces! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Brian, we are doing well and the kids loved seeing the pictures. Nate said “Daddy”!! Samuel said “I can’t wait to go to Haiti”! Blessings to you all…can’t wait to hear how the movie went tonight. 🙂 Jenny

    I really like the pictures that you sent us. Can you tell me if you’re going to use the Daniel puppet in the play? I love you Daddy!
    Love, Samuel

    I love you Daddy. Please be careful and safe. I hope you are very safe. I love you Daddy.
    Love, Abby

    Dada, Dada, Dada!! with big smiles from Nate!

  11. Aaron Alvarez: So very proud of you! Hugging you from home and praying for you. I love the pictures! Your smile says it all. We all love you!

  12. Hey guys. Glad you made it and sounds like all in one piece. I have praying for Caleb & Lindsay (like they asked me to) and for the rest of you too. Aaron I have been praying that you would be able to use your outgoing personality to attract those around you to see the Lord in some way. Marla – how many pages have you read? Tim – how is the chicken project coming along?

  13. It’s great to have this blog to keep up on what you all are doing and to know what to pray for.

    Haylee, excellent post about your experience on the plane!

    Caleb, weren’t sure you actually made it there, but then saw your photo bomb in Brian and Aaron’s picture. Dad said that for some reason he has lost interest in March Madness.
    We love you!

  14. I love you Tricia and Tyra Gentry. I am so proud of you both and can’t wait til you get home to hear all of the amazing work you have done. Thanks so much for telling me about this site I love that even though I can’t talk to you I can see that you are all okay. Keep up the great work I am so proud of you. Love you both, Tina

  15. Aaron,
    I am so proud of You getting out of Your comfort Zone and placing Yourself at God disposal to use You in so many ways!! Be Safe and I Love You!!

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