PVBC Day 2…

Today for breakfast, we had oatmeal. Our team split into a few groups and invited kids to see a children’s movie tonight called The Jesus Story for Children in French. Then we had beans and rice for lunch and then we changed our sleeping arrangements. The girls moved into the dorm next to Jose and Jody’s house and the boys moved into the girls old room at the orphanage. We then went to the park and played American football, Basketball, jump rope, soccer, a crazy game of capture the clothespins, & played with bubbles with a bunch of Haitian kids. We are now eating dinner and will be getting ready to host the children for the movie.
Nathan and Spencer


Were alive! Love always, Lindsey and Mikayla.

Just kidding but really, were still alive. Here’s what else happened today. In case you were wondering, for dinner we had ham, beans, and potatoes. (: We started off playing with the Orphans which was so fun. There adorable and so cute. All they want to do is hug you and never let go.

We got all our stuff organized and headed off to invite kids to a movie night. Our group of four was given a chance to pray for a sick lady. She had many young kids and even though they were young, they helped her get around. It was so sweet to see the love within a family that has so little.

We talked a lot with Jody this morning about Voodoo and the battle that continues to go on. There is so much hope in this beautiful country and it gave us motivation and confidence to continue throughout our day and will continue through the week.

Next, we went down to the park to play. What started out as just our team turned into around 75 Haitians joining us to play. Seeing their smilies and joy never got old. We tried to play kickball but they weren’t familiar with the rules so we played a game they taught us. What ended up being a quiet, innocent game, turned into lots of laughter, screaming, and Lindsey completely nailing someone in the head. Even though it was pretty hard, he was fine, and it broke the ice between everyone.

After we played this intense game, a couple of us had the chance to sit down with a 10-year-old girl who had lost a couple of her 10 other siblings to an accident in the ocean. It was a tragic story to listen to, but really showed us some of the awful things that go on. After this we got to share the gospel with all of the kids that came to play with us. Brian and Marla did an amazing job, and there was lots of participation going on. We are excited to start our movie in a couple of minutes.

Thank you all so much for all the comments, prayers, and support. We love you and are so thankful for the opportunity that God has given us to share with the people in the Mole.

Lindsey and Mikayla.


  1. Tricia, Tyra, and the entire PV crew… We love looking at the pictures of you guys ministering to the kids. We saw the pictures of all of the orphans, and they are beyond precious. The picture of Marc makes us smile everytime we look at it. We are honestly a bit “Haiti jealous!” I was so overwhelmed by the thought that YOU are loving on and caring for the next generation of Christian Hatian leaders during your time there this week. What an awesome priviledge to sow into their lives! There is a bigger picture and you are part of it. How awesome!

    Tyra this verse is for you: 1 Tim 4:12- “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”

    Makayla, Rosie, Malaya… McKayla says HI!

    Love, Dan, Kim, McKayla, Emma, Brianna, and Parker

  2. Aaron Alvarez: So very proud of you! Hugging you from home and praying for you. I love the pictures! Your smile says it all. We all love you!

  3. Sissy B, great pics the kids are adorable. Hope and pray that you and the team are doing well and feeling God’s Spirit as you shine His light to the people of Haiti. Love on some kids for me, I wish I could be there. Miss you and love you lots. Papa D

  4. Tricia and Tyra, The Gentry boys are so proud of you. We can tell how much love you are giving by the awesome photos that are shared on the blog. We have said several prayers for you and will continune to pray that God uses you in the best ways ever. Love you all so much and keep up the hard work. We are with you………..

    Todd and Tevin

  5. Loved seeing the pictures and reading your blog last night! The part about Lindsey hitting the child in the head made us laugh! Glad he is okay. 🙂 We are praying for all of you each day. Continue to persevere, even when you get worn out.

    Have fun at the beach today! Hugging you all from home!
    Love, Jane

  6. Aaron~

    Congrats Uncle Aaron! Douglas Wenfu Chen, was born this evening, one month early but he and Sarah are doing well. Miss you!! Hugs to you, love you so much!


  7. Tricia and Tyra- Proverbs 31:8-9: “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy”.

    Praying that you have some extra special time with the Lord this week. I also pray that He reveals Himself to you in new ways each day, and that you are sensitive to hearing what He has for you each and every morning!

    Love, The O’Hara’s

  8. Also… Hi Miss Beth, Jocilin, Pierre, and whole Castillo crew. Pierre we are praying that your wife and children will be able to join you in His perfect time. Blessings to all of you.

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