PVBC Day 4…

Hi we’re doing good, hope you are! We believe we saw God in a lot of ways today ;). This morning for breakfast we had cinnamon rolls (Thank the Lord!), we took a long boat ride to Preskul and some of us got sick, but no one threw up :).

After we landed we went to the school building, and Brian gave the bridge illustration (the way to get to heaven). Me and Haylee also shared our “Because of Jesus…” stories, we told how an apple has three parts but it is only one fruit just as God has three parts and is only one God. We gave them all an apple slice and they loved it. We also told them how having a relationship with Christ is sweet as honey and gave them all a spoonful of honey.

We went door to door, took the families pictures and took prayer requests, we hope you will pray for the people of Preskul too! We went back to the school and gave them all smores (some of them almost ate the wrapper off the chocolate :).

We went back to the Mole around 2:00 and ate hot dogs and Haitian Patae. We then went to the orphanage and played with the kids, they just love it! We ate dinner with buttered noodles and chicken. We did our devotions and we are now doing hair braiding with the Haitian women. Aaron and I are both getting corn rows! LOL! We hope you will pray for us and the Haitians, especially our bites, burns, and sores. We want to be as focused on God as possible!

Thanks, Spencer Larson


I am particularly struck by the love for God that some of our translators have demonstrated. It has been a blessing to be able to praise the Lord together with Kenson and Jean deWall through playing the guitar together. They are both much better than me, but they are kind to say that I played well! 🙂 Each time they have some free time, I see them with their headsets, listening to praise music or sitting down with the guitar to pick out a new song. I enjoyed hanging out singing a Creole praise song with both of them. This reminded me yet again that even in darkness the Lord shines His light! These two young men are a light to those around them! Pray that God would continue to use these young men to make a difference for the Lord!

With Much Love, Brian


burnt. ridden with skeeto bites. 3 foot blisters. trying to get corn-rolls, but the girls are all scared to do my hair. eager to hear about my potential nephew. im done complaining now. i don’t know what to write either…im tired. I hope ajs having fun in school;) boadhduj dihfiwe didiuhwfopi b8iwegoif u3fgorfhoficaodevfkdnwi diehfouu lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. yup


Please feel free to post comments. We will read them each night at dinner.


  1. Hi Aaron~ You are an uncle. 6lbs 12 oz boy, named Douglas Wenfu Chen. He is beautiful! He and sarah are doing great. Corn rows would be a good look for you, I am sending a big hug, and alot of prayer. We have left you loads of messages, at least one a night sometimes two, I hope you get them, I love you!!!

  2. Brian – Just seeing the picture of you with Fedna brought tears to my eyes! She is such a precious girl and has touched my heart (and Jeanella’s) so much!! Thankful that she is getting some OCG love this trip 🙂 I knew that you would fall in love with such a precious little girl. Thank you for allowing God to use you and to challenge you. As you know, your wife is amazing! We had a great time of prayer for her, the kids, and for you Sunday afternoon. We’re headed to help with soccer practice this afternoon 🙂

    Marla – Praying specifically for your leadership…for you to know and see Isaiah 26:3 in new and real ways each and every day.

    For the rest of the team – CANNOT WAIT to see and hear more about how you have all seen God at work among you and the people you have been able to meet. Know that you are all being lifted up!


  3. Love all of the posts and the photos. KC PVBC is loving every bit of info you can share with us. Todd and Tevin miss Momma and Tyra. We are so proud of you all. please know that GOD is using you and you are making a difference. We love you So much and can’t wait to here all of the details of your week plus.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  4. Got 3 cards in the mail from you today, Brian! Loved them and although I can’t wait to see you, it does my heart good to know God is doing something big in and through you. The picture of you and F. brought tears to my eyes. I was cleaning this morning and noticed your guitar behind the closet door. The thought came to my mind that I should get it out and dust it off. I dismissed it since it has been awhile since you played it. I know now it was the Lord’s prompting. We can’t wait to sing some praise songs in our living room when you come home!

  5. Brian I have only met you once, but I just got off the phone with your awesome wife. She loves you to pieces and misses you a lot. I had just started reading the blog when she called. By the time we hung up, we were both in tears!

    Tricia and Tyra… I have been asking God to give me scripture to encourage you guys each day, and I felt like today’s verse was Psalm 92:4,10 “You have done so much for me, O Lord, No wonder I am glad! How refreshed I am by Your blessings!”

    I can never get enough of the pictures and the posts. Living vicariously through you…

    The O’Hara’s

  6. to Brian and all:
    Seeing the snapshots of you guys is wonderful! God’s love is shining through!
    May He direct and protect you. Praying for everyone, Millie Nash

  7. Everyone looks a little red but good! We have been following the blog each day and praying for you all. Enjoy the warm, dry weather as we have been in the rain for a couple of days. Looking forward to Friday.
    Be safe. We love you!

  8. Loving the pictures Linds. So excited to see you on Friday and hear all about your journey. It is way to quiet around here. I’m actually playing with Lucky. We also had some fish dropped off at the front door that supposedly you have part ownership of? Love you so much! Praying for you and your team.

  9. Brian
    Every day i thank God for such a brave friend as you. Not very many people would be willing to leave their beloved family to travel so far away to searve God in this amazing way. Funny but surprise is not the word. You were created for great works to show a faith that would do this. OH, the way you are loving those babies. When I got the pics of the new orphanes you are helping…..the faces…..the looks….the pain that is behind them? YOU are shareing the love of your saviour with them. The pic of you says they will not readily forget your face or your touch. So my MR. Pedestal man…… I know you will come back changed in and out. With a better tan than me. he he.

  10. Hey Linds, Heard you are not feeling well. You have to drink and eat girlfriend. Stay strong and try to get some rest. Let me know if you are feeling better in the morning……I’ll be praying! I love you!

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