PVBC Day 3…

Day 3: Still alive! Except for the birthday girl Tyra. Just kidding she’s still here. 🙂

Today went by super fast. We started off with church this morning. In children’s church, we told the story of Daniel and the lion’s den and made lion masks with the children. They loved the parachute we brought and all the kids loved being held.

Brian had the opportunity to be the “guest preacher” for the adult church. He taught a lesson on The Bridge Illustration to the adults, and it went really well. After church we ate lunch and walked to the beach with our translators and three of Jody and Jose’s kids. We were there for about 3 1/2 hours and loved every minute. It was absolutely gorgeous. We had sand fights, water fights, chicken fights, and played some water football with Aaron’s coconut named Wilson. Then we ate Wilson. It was yummy! 🙂 We got lots of sun and are actually getting a tan! (AKA: Fried) We’re doing good though and loving everything about the Mole.

Tonight we are going to have our own church service (in English) by listening to a sermon from a church in Kentucky and singing our own praise songs. Thanks so much for all the prayers. One prayer request we do have is for our sunburns and bug bites. We don’t want these small issues to be a distraction from the bigger picture of why we are really here. Miss you!
Mikayla and Lindsey (shout out to momma harris because she wanted one, miss you fam)


Hello friends and family. Tyra had a GREAT birthday. She really enjoyed one of the children at children’s church. He was such a sweet little boy.  It was hard for her to let him go.  I am so thankful that we have gotten to love on the children here in Haiti.

I also just want to say that I am so proud of the young lady my daughter has become.  She has been such a blessing to me and I love her so much!!



Hello to my friends and family.

I miss you Jenny, Samuel, Abby, Nate, Gretchen, and Millie! I love your “love notes” to me. Today was a neat experience to get to speak to the adults in church. I shared the Bridge Illustration, which is a great picture of the gap that exists between us and God. I got to talk about how the things we do don’t allow us to get to God and how it was God that took the step to come to us through His son, Jesus.

I explained that for Believers, they could use this simple picture illustration to share with their friends. For Non-Believers, it was a demonstration of God’s love for us! I also enjoyed getting to praise the Lord in French/Creole. I met a local teacher named James in the park yesterday, and he came to church this morning. I sat beside him, and he shared with me what was happening during the service as well as the song book. I know enough Spanish that I was able to sing along with the songs, though I didn’t completely understand everything that was being sung, it was awesome to be able to praise the Lord in another language and feel like it was truly from the heart!

As we walked to church this morning, it was awesome to hear the name of the Lord being praised throughout the streets from another local church. Though the area is filled with darkness and deceit, the Lord is moving and working here. Despite the efforts of the enemy, God’s Word is like a double-edged sword, cutting to the hearts of those who hear. It is a blessing to be part of that! I look forward to our work tomorrow in Preskul, where I will be sharing the Bridge Illustration again. Continue to pray for us as we serve the Lord through ministering to the people of the Mole, Preskul, and the Castillo’s.
With much love,


Hey family & friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers…God is answering! We are healthy, encouraged and enjoying ministering together as a team. He is so faithful. Please pray for us tomorrow as we travel to Preskul. Several of us have been there on previous trips and are looking forward to seeing familiar faces.  One of the things we want to do there is show them we care and haven’t forgotten them just as God never forgets us!  We will be traveling hut to hut creating a prayer-book from each families prayer requests…we’ll bring that home so the July Haiti team knows how to pray for these precious families leading up to their trip.
In Christ,


burnt. tired. something caught in my eye. but loving haiti, and i ate a coconut.
-Aaron Cole Alvarez the First


  1. Hi Little Linds. Sounds like you had an amazing day on Sunday. Thanks for the pictures and glad to hear everyone is doing great! Keep smiling and use your suncreen girlfriend! It’s exciting so see God working through you and your amazing team. Miss you so much!

  2. We were sooo glad to get your message this morning. We’re continuing to pray for you Brian and love being able to hear how things are going. We are doing well here and love you so much! Jenny

    I love you daddy….Abigail

  3. So glad all of you are well ! It is so fun to see the pictures…I look for them each day. We continue to pray for God’s movement and blessing in the Mole and in Preskul. I pray He is well at work in your hearts as well.

    Mikayla…Gma is doing well in Haiti too! She is praying for you daily…as we are. And Rock chalk…they pulled out a nail biter! Love you! Mom

  4. The Birthday girl is so beautiful. We are so proud of you for doing this and loving beyond our kc borders.

    We love you so much and are thinking of you every hour.

    Please know we miss you and love what you are doing.

    Todd and Tevin

  5. Happy Birthday Tyra!! What a great place to celebrate your birthday. You are one blessed young lady. Tricia, I am so glad you get to experience this with her. Our girls will be out of the house before we know it, but I am sure both of you will remember this for a lifetime. Love ya both. Kim

  6. Aaron~

    I miss you Broseph.~ Aj

    Keep up the good work! Praying for you daily, ~Love Doug

    Love you, Great beach pics! Hugs~ Mom

    Meow~ Dixie

  7. Hey PVBC team! So excited for each of you seeking after God’s kingdom. My family is praying for you, and especially for whoever is sleeping in the bunk below Lindsey! 😉 Of course only kidding, Lindsey! I wish I had that honor again to be sharing a bunk. I am so glad you were able to go back. Hug the kids for me, the MK’s and orphans!
    In Him,
    Gretchen Austin

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