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Crave Light Haiti Trip – April 2012

We serve a powerful and loving God! We are safely in the Mole enjoying God’s amazingly beautiful creation. While this will be a short trip, we are excited to see what all God has in store for the trip.

Everything started the day “bright” and early at 4:30 A.M. All five lovely ladies arrived at Miami International Airport and made it swiftly through all of the security. We had plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast and lots of sitting. Our trip really started once the plane landed in Port-a-Prince.

We got off the plane and met our contact with all 15 bags full of 300 lights and 160 diapers for the Mole. God faithfully provided the lights through Carve Light and the women at Momentum Christian Church. Thanks MCC Ladies! He provided the diapers through several churches. Thanks ladies from First Christian Church Monroe, Crosspoint Christian Church, and Momentum Christian Church.

After our eventful tap-tap ride to the smaller airport, we prepared to board the smaller plane (a nine seater). Once we were all weighed. Yes, each woman stepped on a scale in the middle of a busy airport terminal. Then all the bags were weighed. I am sure the bags felt no embarrassment.

We enjoyed a beautiful peaceful ride to the Mole. After safely landing on the dirt airstrip, the mission staff met us and we took a rather bumpy tap-tap ride to the mission. We rested and enjoyed a nice lunch. Then we unpacked all of our goodies to prepare for what all we hope to do with the people here. Later on we went hut-to-hut to invite kids to join us for a movie in the evening. We ended up doing a lot more than invite the kids. We blew bubbles, painted nails, read books and loved on all the kids.

Before dinner we took a trip to the new orphanage. We gave the diapers and some very cute dresses to the workers and we gave the kids some little cars and crowns. We all snuggled and loved on the babies for as long as the kids allowed it. Some sat in our laps for hours and other ones danced, sang and played with their new toys. It was such a blessing to be loved on by the kids and to love on them. By the time we had to leave for dinner all their cute little faces were bright with smiles. After a filling dinner we started the movie and about 30 kids from mountain villages came to enjoy popcorn and the movie outside.

We feel so blessed by the way God provided for us so faithful. Every “trial” we faced in coming to Haiti, God already had worked out before we could even try to fix it. We know this is because of His unfailing love and mercy, along with the prayers people have been lifted up on our behalf. We are excited to see what God has in store for tomorrow!!!


  1. What an awesome entry!! So glad everyone and everything made it safely. Such wonderful pictures of each of you loving on those sweet babies!! Praying each of you would just take in every moment and just give yourselves away completely and the refill with His spirit!! We serve such a mighty God and there is nothing like seeing His love poured out through His selfless servants!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE each of you soooooo much!! Praying a great and restful night sleep and more precious times for all of you tomorrow with the sweet people of Haiti!!

  2. Seeing those pictures really makes Gabby and I sad we are not there with you and yet excited to see you all bringing the joy of Christ to the Mole and those adorable children. We loved the picture of the baby looking up at Joy. God continue to bless you all. Love, Danny & Gabby

  3. Hey everyone!! The pics are so great and all of you look so happy to finally be there! In addition to seeing your precious faces next to Haitian ones, the pics of the lights were emotional to see as I remember it was on this very blog (while leaving messages) that Jody’s blog post about the lights and the inspiration for Crave Lite was born!! And now, you and the very lights we raised money for are THERE – where they can be used to share God’s love and propel the gospel! Praising God for that this very moment!! Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for committing to go!! God’s desire as you read His word is that no one is forgotten and left uncared for, and this week, you’ve put others (many living in darkness but still loved deeply by God) ahead of yourself. Bless you for following Him in this way!! It’s NEVER easy to leave our comfortable lives and enter difficult and dark places, but God will supply the strength and energy for the remaining days (and we will be here asking Him for it!). Tell Marsha it rained last night (she’ll love knowing that!). Mere- the boys are happy and doing great! Kelly- I’ve been faithful in praying what I promised I would! Joy- heard your amazing news and I’m just ecstatic for you! Kim- thank you for leading this team with conviction and truth! You all are amazing women, and I am blessed to stand before the Lord on your behalf this week! I love you all very much, Melissa Hoover

  4. I am so going the next time! :0)

    Praise the Lord for his great and might blessings. I am so honored to know each and everyone of you and ALSO love, love, love you! The lights are beautiful in the dark and I don’t think I have to expound on the teaching points of the beauty of God’s love, especially in the dark. We are infact “the light of the world” and it is so wonderful to see it in the ministry of this 5 women team. AWESOME! Be safe my friends and may God teach you something about Himself this week that you never knew!

  5. What great news! We are all so proud of all of you for your leap of faith! You need to know we are praying over you and for you that God would do incredible things through you and in you. The pictures are amazing and so makes me what to be there with you! May each of you be filled with the Holy Spirit, may you have strength beyond the physical, and may you truly be the light of Christ! Love you all!

  6. Awwww~ You all look so beautiful! Mere, it looks like the girls were happy to see you. Drew has been crying uncontrollably since you left out Monday. It’s bad. 😉
    I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures today. Praying for each one of you. You can really see the joy in all your faces. It’s amazing!
    Praying for a restful night sleep and that the tylenol p.m. doesn’t run out 😉

  7. Mommy you are doing a good job! I miss you..Kaliese. I hope you are doing a good Job I Love you…Braedyn We are all Proud of you. Like the Pictures. Thats a cool Plane! Cessna 208. Be safe and we are prayinf for all of you

  8. Dear Meredith and ladies of MCC- glad you made it safe and are already doing such amazing things! I love the picture of that light–what a great symbol!
    Sister- miss you and love you soooo much! <3 me!

  9. Hey KK and team glad you guys made it safe. Looks like you all are bringing lots of love, joy, and happiness to Haiti. Keep up the good work girls. We miss you KK.

  10. Hey Girls!! You all look GREAT!! The children look so beautiful!! Thank you all for being the light of Christ! Know that you all are being prayed for…Give each other a BIG HUG from me!! Can’t wait to hear your stories! Much Love, Mandy

  11. Wow what a bunch of happy faces on all those people young and old alike!
    What joy you are spreading to those kids awesome just awesome.
    You gals are truly a blessing.

  12. Ladies,

    So glad to see you guys made it safely and are doing amazing things!!

    I am fairly new to Momentum, so I haven’t had the opportunity to meet all of you wonderful ladies yet. I look forward to meeting all you soon!

    I pray that the Lord will do mighty things through all of you this week! 🙂

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