Your Kindness Wakened Me…

At 6am April 20th our NWHCM Mole staff gathered in special prayer time with our American friends from Momentum Christian Church (who brought 300 solar lights)!

Then the staff took to the streets in groups of 3  – waking up & surprising hundreds of Haitian families!

Last time we did this there was mixed emotions for the families we ministered too. Many wanted the lights – but they were afraid it would upset the spirits in their home. If the light represented Jesus – then they were afraid Satan would be upset. We simply offered the light of Jesus – and although some hesitated at first –everyone took them.

I wasn’t sure what sort of response we would get this time! The staff told me that the response was TOTALLY different!

Many of the Haitian families took to heart that those lights really represented Christ. So neighbors “watched and waited” to see if those who served various gods would reap a curse from Satan for accepting the lights. To the contrary – several neighbors said they witnessed God begin to work in their neighbor’s home. The lights became a catalyst of many conversations about God –  in neighborhoods that were otherwise filled with various spirits.

The last time the staff passed out lights – no one followed them. The people were just unsure of us. This time when we took back to those neighborhoods  – crowds of people begin to follow our staff.  Those that already had lights from our last giveaway were raising up their light & yelling out – Jesus lives in my home!

Here are a few of their stories:

1)   There was an elderly mother with two young children.  She is nearly blind – only able to see fuzzy shadows of light and dark. She doesn’t own an oil lantern for fear her lack of sight might cause her to accidentally catch the house on fire. She PRAISED GOD because now she had a way she could provide light for her children at night so they wouldn’t be afraid. Because she can see some shadows  – this light will make it easier for her to feel around her home so she can get up at night to go to the bathroom.

2)   There were several younger children who walk several blocks at night so they can study by the street lamps in town. They walk in darkness and their parents often worry about their safety. Now they can study in their own home!

3)   Some folks said the reason they don’t go to the 4am prayer services offered at many churches is because they can’t see to walk there! Now they have no reason not to go!

4)   An elderly lady told the staff that she prayed if God was out there to have mercy on her. The very next day we arrived.

5)   While visiting a little mud hut we found a little 9-month old girl who recently became orphaned. Neighbors were caring for the baby.  They didn’t have any way to help this little girl. She was sick and has spent the last week at the hospital. We are praying how we may help her.

6)   Many of the folks acted like they won the Publisher’s Clearing House! Momma Gigi said she would knock on doors of sleepy elderly folks –  who would try to peek outside their door to see who was there! They immediately jumped up and screamed for Joy when they saw the lights!


I once was fatherless
A stranger with no hope
Your kindness wakened me
Wakened me from my sleep now
Your love it beckons deeply
A call to come and die
By grace now I will come
And take this life take Your life

Sin has lost its power
Death has lost its sting
From the grave You’ve risen

Into marvelous light I’m running
Out of darkness out of shame
Through the cross You are the Truth
You are the Life You are the Way

Lift my hands and spin around
See the light that I have found
Oh the marvelous light marvelous light
It’s Christ in you

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