Child Of The Light…

Fabiola is 10 months old. Her parents were from Mole St Nicholas and went to Port-au-Prince in search of a better life. This was in January 2010 – the month of the earthquake. The mother was injured during the earthquake and fractured several bones. The parents struggled to survive –  living on the street and eventually in tents.

It wasn’t long after that and the father died from Cholera. He never met his daughter.  Fabiola’s mom had a mental breakdown. She couldn’t forget about the earthquake or the loss of her husband. When she moved back to the Mole, she was unable to care for herself or her daughter.

Neighbors stepped up and began caring for this little girl. In April we delivered 300 solar lights to folks living in the mountains behind our home. It was during this light distribution that we met this precious little girl!

The picture doesn’t really show you – but her hair has turned red from malnutrition. The neighbors said they couldn’t feed her every day. She often spent days only drinking water – no formula, no milk, no food.

Back in April when we met her she was very sick. She has spent the last several weeks in the hospital in Bonbardopolis. We were unsure if she would make it.

I’m happy to present to you our 12th little orphan! I can’t wait to change her life!


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