Crossroads Day 1…

We are all here safe and sound. We had a series of exciting events on the bus ride over including helping an overturned mango truck that was blocking the road. Phil, JD, Matt & Ryan helped gather the mangoes and fill in the road so that we could pass through.

A little over half-way to the Mole, the clutch went out on the bus and we had to wait for another bus to come and transfer all the luggage over. I couldn’t think of a better place to break down though because we were right by a river and it was cool and breezy out. Genesis & Kelilah made some friends.

This morning, we all went on a tour of the Mole and visited an old fort. Then we went to the orphanage and met the adorable children. After lunch, we organized all of our supplies to prepare for Sports Camp/VBS and then took a couple of the orphans to the beach for a swim.

Tonight, we are showing Courageous in the town plaza with popcorn. We have been inviting men to join us as we walk through the town.

I know the travel day was rough for many of us, but we are recovering and eager to get to work! Thank you for all of your prayers and support!

Please feel free to post comments to the team. We will read comments outloud  every night after dinner. I know they’d love to hear from family and friends!


  1. Loved the pictures! So thankful everyone made it there safely. Judging by the pictures and the smiles on the teams face’s it was sooo worth what they went through. We are all continuing to pray for you all and what God is going to do this week. Can’t wait to hear the stories and the life changing experience. Blessings to all. (Ryan & Janessa we LOVE YOU !)

  2. Love seeing all the pics! So cute with all the little ones! So exciting! Continued Prayers for all of you and have an awesome time! God s so Good!

  3. Hi Michelle! Thinking about you and hoping the heat is not bothering you too much. The water looks beautiful with that gorgeous aqua color–hopefully you can go for a swim with the children and cool off. The children look adorable–it would be hard not to fall in love with them! Say hi to everyone! Enjoy your service to our Lord. Tammy

  4. So thankful that we are able to see some of what you guys are doing. It looks like you are having a great time. We love you Kourtney. Praying for an amazing week for all of you! God bless you and keep you all safe and healthy!

  5. So happy to see that everyone made it there safe. Thank you for the posts and the photos. Praying for you all. Proud of you Lauren and miss you much. God Bless. See you soon!

  6. Thank you for the pics and the updates. So happy to see that everyone is safe and doing well. Praying for you all. Tell Lauren that Mom, Dad, Nathan, Charlie, Jake, Kitty Foo Foo, and the birds say “We Love you and miss you!.” Now, go and shine in Christ!

  7. Wow, the pics are great! So proud of you all! Excited for what God has in store this week! Watching, waiting and praying! Be safe, be used, be blessed!

  8. Glad to see you all on these pictures! Love you and praying for you Ryan and Janessa. ( Dad) Lord Bless you all and keep you all this week.

  9. Great pictures! We are so thrilled for all of you, and we are excited for what God is going to do in you and through you! I know you will all be changed by the Holy Spirit!

  10. Hello to all! What a great adventure you will experience as you move the Word of God over the world! This is an awesome opportunity that you forever cherish and remember. I wish that one day I am able to make the journey. I miss you all. God bless each of you.
    Eunice Mitchell

  11. The pictures are great, and it is great to see the faces of the children, and the joy in each of your faces. Please say hello to my precious Philemon.

  12. I miss you Phil, and love you. I’m having a fun time in Arkansas also. God bless you.

  13. So glad you arrived safely! Love the pics! Love & prayers to Jennette & J.D. & all!

  14. We’re so proud of all of you. What a first day with the mango truck overturning and the clutch burbing out. Love the pictures. Good luck and God bless.

  15. I am so happy you all made it there safely!!!! You all are doing such amazon things!!!! Jd, Ethan and I love you and are praying for you all!!!! We miss you, we are so proud of you! Also Ethan got a DVD player from Nanna for his bday. Lol o dear! Looooove you so much!!!

  16. Happy Sunday to you all! We had a terrific send off celebration for Pastor Dan today. The Gordon’s made him a Philadelphia Flyers card. Hope VBS goes well and you all share memories in Christ. Don’t forget to put on your armor. Love ya Lauren Darlin. (Mom)

  17. Hi Jennifer, We all love you and miss you. Most of the dishes are done and I washed the tablecloth.
    Love, Joel

  18. Hi Mommy ( Jennifer ) it is cool to see the pictures of where you are,love you, Jaclyn. I am having fun at VBS ! love you, Madison. I hope you have a great time with the kids and teaching them. Love, Jonathan.

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