Train Up A Child

This blog is taken from Caitlin Smith who is an intern in the Mole this summer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Train up a child

The past few days, Morgan and I have had the opportunity to spend the mornings with the children in the orphanage. It has been great getting to know the children that are from the Mole, or nearby.   A few weeks ago, the baby orphanage in St. Louis relocated. Some of the children returned home to family and others came out to the Mole.

The transition seems to have gone well. The kids are themselves; they are thriving. They have area to run and play and just be kids. The great part about being able to spend time with them is watching them grow and become their own. Some of the older children have really come out of their shells.

One of the biggest examples is Samica. In St. Louis, she was very timid and didn’t speak much, if ever. Today, I had the opportunity to sit beside her and sing some songs. She was talking and engaging. It’s so neat to see how they grow and the people they become.

There is also a child named Sony in the orphanage. He doesn’t smile and he doesn’t really talk. The child never really looks very happy. But Morgan spent some time one on one with him yesterday and he started smiling and laughing. Just the joy on his face showed that her small gestures meant a lot.

While we are out here in the Mole, Jody asked us if we would spend some time with the children. She asked if we would teach to walk in a single file line and to listen when they are spoken to. We also are trying to teach them their numbers and colors.  Today, we just spent time singing songs with them. They were clapping, dancing, singing, and just jumping all around. Each time I get to hang out with them, it reminds me of  what these kids will grow up to be. What great leaders in their homes, town, and their country they will become.  I can’t wait to see a few years from now what an impact they are making.

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