Crossroads Day 2…

Our day of rest: church, kids, hiking and the beach

Today is Sunday, our third day in Haiti (2nd Day in the Mole). We are all healthy, safe , and blessed beyond measure to be here serving in this way. This morning we went to the large military tent that the mission uses for its church service. Matt, Phil, Ryan and J D(from here on referred to as “the men”) dressed up a little with pants and nicer shirts. JD looked astonishingly like he belonged (of course Phil did as well – the locals all think he is Haitian.) Lauren, Jennette, Michelle, Jennifer and I(Matt) all spent time helping with the children’s church.

The sermon for the adults was from the book of Psalms and the children enjoyed a bible lesson and songs. After lunch, the men returned to their dorms adjacent to the church to change out of their church clothes. While there, they played with the orphans. Again, JD stole the show when he was holding Tizzie and they both burst into song while swaying to the tune. Video upon our return (thanks John Beatty).

The men then rejoined the rest of the team back at the dining area/dorms. After lunch The Epsteins, Phil and Jennifer went up into the “country” area of The Mole to give out 50 wristbands to designate kids 7-12 years old for VBS that starts tomorrow. To Sans, Roberta, Mary and Howard -we are healthy, happy, and very safe. We love and miss you!!


Today was a great day. We helped out in kids church this morning and got to love up on some of the town kids. After lunch a bunch of us decided to go hiking up the mountain. After a while, most of the group wanted to stop. J.D., Ryan, and I (Jennette) wanted to continue on. We went up quite a way and met 4 children coming down the mountain. They work up the mountain making coal. They “helped” us back down the hill to the rest of our group. We decided after such a long hike, to cool off at the beach. What a relaxing and enjoyable day. I love and miss you so much Mark! Wish you were here. Tell the kids I love them and miss them.


My experience has been incredible. Fixing the road and moving mangos to make way was awesome. We have had packed full days and are getting prepared for VBS. I cant wait to see what else is in store for the rest of this trip and pray that the Lord continues to open my eyes and more importantly use me to help the people where ever needed. I miss you Jamie and Happy Birthday Ethan. Love you guys and miss you.


this is a life changing experience. the county is beautiful, looks like Florida, Arizona, Colorado. the people are hard-working and the friendliest people I have ever met. but I love the children the most. My heart has started bonding with them.


When you go to a place where you meet kids who have to go and mine coal out of a mountain everyday or they will get beat, it puts life in perspective. I looked into their eyes, as this is the only life they know, and just maybe some are lucky enough to meet missionaries who can change their path in this life. I am so thankful for this opportunity, to join a bunch of strangers on this incredible journey. Emily & Katelyn I love you & miss you!!!


Even though I miss my husband and children very much, I am so glad I came on this trip. Through the good times and the not-so-good times, I can see God at work. We went to church this morning, and even though I couldn’t understand most of what was said, you could see in the faces and hear in the voices that Christ was present in that place. Thank you for all the prayers and encouraging words. Tomorrow starts the VBS/sports camp. Keep the prayers coming that we can make a difference in these children’s lives! Love to all, Jennifer


Today I saw a different side of Haiti; the reality of how life is here has just set in. On a hike, we met four children walking down from a day’s work all; the youngest being seven, the oldest being fifteen all looking much younger than they are. My heart hurts for those children. It was so easy to see their want for love and affection. I held back tears when the youngest girl, held my hand and led me down the mountain. I pray that these small moments for showing love and singing songs plant seeds and leave imprints of God’s love on their heart. On another note, I’m doing well and very excited to see my new little brother Wednesday. I love you guys! XOXO, Kourtney


I wasn’t sure at first if I made a mistake coming here, not thinking I could make a difference in a child’s life but once I looked into the eyes of these children when they saw us coming was all I needed to see and know in my heart I made the right choice. It is all so worth it. I love this place and the love I feel from the kids. I hope the rest of the week is as rewarding as it has been in the beginning. Thank you Jesus for giving me this chance to see your love here. Michelle


Please feel free to post comments to the team. Comments will be read each night at dinner! They were SO happy to hear from everyone today!


  1. Missing you more! Love hearing about your time so far! Can’t wait to have you back. We love you too. Played your recording tonight, kids loved it. 🙂 Love you!

  2. Loved everyone’s ones perspective on the blog tonight. Hope Janessa and Ryan will share eventually. Looks like you all had a great day! Hope you had alot of people show up for Courageous too. Can’t wait to see how VBS goes this week, praying God will move in a mighty way. Love you Ryan and Janessa. (Ryan , ITALY WON IN PK’S TODAY!! WOOT WOOT!)

  3. Some of your testimonies make want to cry. Though I miss my wife so much, I am glad she is there, making a difference in these children’s lives. I know now that I made the right choice in a Christmas present for my wife, and all the hard work she put in… I LOVE YOU, JENNIFER!!

  4. Hi Jd!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! Ethan and I just can’t wait to see you!!! We are so happy that you are having such an amazing time. Ethan says ” hi daddy love you” I am so blessed to have you for a husband!!! The Lord is working through you all and all of us back at home thank you for all that your doing!! Praise the Lord!!!

  5. I miss you KOURTNEY!!! but I am so glad that you are there. I know GOD has BIG plans for you. You look so happy and in the perfect place in all of the pictures. All is well here baby girl. Ashely is doig fine and cant wait for you to come home. Go and do great things my love, as big as the moon! LOVE YOU – Mommy

  6. I miss you Philemon, I’m in Little Rock with my sisters, we all miss you.
    I love you, Eunice.

  7. I thank God for all of you there, I feel like such a part of your time with the babys,I would love to be holding them, I’m a little jealous of Genesis holding that sweet baby,God bless you all as God uses all and your gifts..

  8. Greetings to all in The Mole! The pictures are terrific. I have to admit I cried. Loved to see all those smiling faces and the children. So Awsome! I have been keeping the Mole and the team in my prayers. God’s peace. Have a great day today. We have lots of rain, but its ok because I’m holding on to the sunshine in those smiling faces in the pictures. Miss you Lauren!! Luv U Lauren! – mom

  9. I love you Jedediah!!! Ethan and I are thinking about you this morning! We are missing you more then ever! Had to post again 🙂 Ethan is excited for your return home to have his Bday party LOL HE IS NOT 3 TODAY!!!! 🙂

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