Crossroads Day 3…

Sometimes things just hit you. In a moment a whole mindset can change when you understand what is underneath. Today was our first day doing VBS and meeting the children we will be spending the next three days with.

The day started with hesitant children, unsure of what to expect but what came at the end was unexpected for us. We played games, sang songs, and taught about the breast-plate of righteousness and the belt of truth, helped them understand the difference between right and wrong and the forgiveness given by Jesus’s death on the cross. We asked them what they wanted prayer for and the responses were the most unexpected.

In a city where livestock is scarce and malnourished, they asked for salvation for friends, good thoughts, family, and their home island as a whole. This deep down care for others probably touched me more than them. We prayed over them diligently with intent. It was fantastic to see satan’s attempts to hinder our work today. Last night we he worked very hard to use fear against us but God prevailed, as always. I hope that tomorrow’s outcome is as good as today’s. I love you Mom! I hope that everything is going well and that you are ready to welcome Collin! I love you Dad, hope work is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Love you Ashley and Justin, watch out for mom for me (: Love you lots, Kourtney<3


Haiti is amazing! vbs went fantastic, loved playing with the kids and getting to know them. the simplest things make the people smile, even if you say good morning or hello, maybe even a smile will light up their faces. they love getting their nails done, Lauren and I painted most of the girls nails. they also love getting their picture taken, they pretty much grabbed the camera from my hands and looked at the photos, you could tell how happy they were when you showed them. the kids are great, i love em. im looking forward to tomorrow, and the rest of the few days we are here. keep us in your prayers. mom, dad, and tylor, i love you and miss you guys. can’t wait to see you! 🙂 -janessa.


Today was the first day at VBS with the kids. They were so excited to play games and be a part of a day of fun. To laugh, eat and sing and pray and shine with no worries for a while. The light in their eyes said it all, happiness for a change. These kids a so hungry for love it hurts me to think we are the ones able to let them feel loved and important and special. After the day was done it was such a rewarding feeling knowing we did make a difference in their lives. Tomorrow is a new day to make another child smile and hopefully make them feel alive. Jesus thank you for this opportunity to be a part something so wonderful. P.S., I LOVE HAITI!!!!!!!!! Michelle


dear grandma and grandpa sans, we are having a lot of fun. today is our second day of VBS.I got to hold 5,month old Isabela. She is the cutest thing ever. Some boys like me a lot as their friend. I have a lot of friends – boys and girls. I hope you don’t miss us too much. I love you so much. I hope you are having a lot of fun too. We will show you pictures when we come back. I love you so much.


Everyday has been an amazing experience. The children love any attention we give them. Yesterday I danced with Naomi as she sang Joy Joy Joy in Creole. I can’t wait to show the video. The VBS kids had a lot to show us today. The rest of this week is going to work on us all. I can’t thank Crossroads Calvary Chapel enough for their support in getting us here. Jamie I miss you and Ethan. Lots of love Sugar. Muah.


Hello sweetheart: Powerful experience today. Kids are beautiful sensitive and amazing they warm up to you fast if you show them love or attention. Naomi at the orphanage has bonded with me. She came from an abusive family, but is now doing well I love her. football was great my team won. they are better soccer players. I volunteered to speak during our devotion. we are in spiritual warfare, but Greater is he in me. Pray for us against these devil worshipers and demonic activities. the beautiful kids are worth fighting for. love you miss you.


  1. I so much love all these updates!! I watch this site at night like it is a movie waiting for the current update. You all are doing amazing work for God!! Jd it was so nice to see you on face time!! Ethan loved that you sang him happy bday!! We again miss you so very much and we are excited for you to come home at the end of the week. Love you so much Jedediah!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Such incredible stories, keep ’em coming! It’s thrilling to be on the other side and watch you all grow. Tell Jennette I love her and that the kids are doing wonderful. Can’t wait to be next to you again. <3

    Love ya!

  3. JD, Jennette and entire team – you have been in our thoughts, prayers and love. My heart rejoices everytime I log on to this site and read the amazing stories and see the posted pictures. I cannot help but believe that God is smiling every moment of every day upon each sacrifice of love you are giving in the name of Jesus. Love you!

  4. Looks like VBS was a success! The kids looked like they had a great time! It is great to see everyone involved being blessed , our team included. Praying you all have a restful sleep and another great day tomorrow. Sooo many people here praying for you all and for the precious souls you are being used by God to touch. Janessa so happy to hear you are enjoying these children and having fun showing them their pictures you are taking of them. Love the nail polish pictures Blessings

  5. Glad to See VBS was a success! So touched to read everyone’s comments today and seeing the pictures. It is so obvious how happy everyone one is. Praying for a restful night sleep for you all, so you can do it again in the morning. Janessa, so glad to hear from you tonight! I am soo happy you are having a great time with these children. Loved the pictures of sports camp and nail painting too! We love you Ryan and Janessa. Tylor says hi and he loves you both. He is really enjoying the pictures also. You all are missing out on Tropical storm Debbie here, it has been raining for two days. 🙁 Well can’t wait to see what The Lord has for you all tomorrow. Blessings ( Ryan, I know you can Type too)

  6. I concur, waiting for these updates is like waiting for the last 5 seconds of an eBay auction. :). My dearest Jennifer, I hope you are getting all these messages. It’s been pouring here for 3 days!! I miss you so,so much and I need a foot massage, but, I bet you do too. I suppose I can handle not having you here while you do God’s will (for a little longer). I LOVE YOU, Joel

  7. Love the pics! We look forward to them every day. So cool to see all the smiling faces. The girls seem to love the nail polish. Glad to see that VBS went well today. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Thanks for keeping in touch (hope to hear from you Lauren). God Bless!!!

  8. Janessa and Ryan Just want to say I love and miss you both its great to see the Lord blessing you guys and the team .I love the pictures I know the Lord is moving not only
    in you guys but the lives in the kids. looking forward to seeing more pictures tomorrow
    love you both so very much … you ……Dad 🙂

  9. The battle is never ours, but the Lords. I am proud that you are moving forward, even in the midst of the spiritual satanic storm. Keep your eyes on the power of God, and the truth that He will fight this war as well, and keep the full protection og God on. I’m missing you Phil. I love you greatly, Eunice

  10. I am so eager and hungry to follow your progress and see pictures. Working with the children is such an inspiration! The children seem to be enjoying everything, and I believe that they will never forget this deposit in their lives. I want to thank each of you for stepping and reaching out to people outside of your own spear of influence; it takes obedience, love of others, and an ambassador’s heart to be willing to share Christ in a dark and possibly frightening place. I love you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

  11. Kourtney, over the past few years you have seen God be so incredibly intentional, from “stumbling” into Crossroads where our lives changed, to complete healing in a matter of days. Now I am getting to see him work in your life in the same way. I read your post and its brings tears of joy to my heart. Knowing that you and the rest of our youth are so devoted and will continue to be the light for him no matter where you are is a feeling much too powerful to put into words. May GOD protect you all as you start another day of VBS. I stay glued to this blog waiting for updates and to see the pictures… I love it. Tomorrow is the big day and I as much as mommy misses you I KNOW you are right where GOD wants you. I can’t wait to send you pictures and tell you about baby Collin. Just when I thought my heart could not love any more GOD has given us one more amazing blessing. Ashley misses you and can’t wait for you to get home too  . Give everyone my love and tell them we are praying for all of you. I love you as big as the moon baby girl! – love Mommy

  12. It’s been wonderful following these posts! Thanks for sharing all the details each day.
    I’m so proud of my sister, Michelle! Her heart is obviously open and loving these children. Please know we are praying for you all to keep sharing the love of Jesus beyond measure.
    “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast andd focused on You, because they trust in You.”
    Isaiah 26:3

  13. So wonderful to see our children, J.D. & Jennette ministering in Jesus’ name! We continue to pray for you all, & can’t wait to hear & see all the news in Florida! The children look soooo happy you all are there! We pray you can reach many souls for Jesus!

  14. HI LOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! Ethan and I are thinking about you always, we are also praying for the whole team. Ethan told me yesterday “dont worry Mommy daddy will be home soon” LOL he also said when I showed him your picture that you were helping Jesus!! We are holding down the fort until your arrival, Ethan will hand off his roll of man of the house back to you! 🙂 I know you read this at night so Sweet Dream Jedediah.

  15. It’s great hearing from you, Genesis. We love seeing the pictures of vacation bible school and all the fun activities. I know you’ll have lots of stories to tell us when you get home. Love you.


    Look to this day, for it is life,
    the very life of life.
    In its brief course lie
    all the realities
    and truths of existence,
    the joy of growth,
    the splendor of action,
    the glory of power.
    For yesterday is but a memory
    and tomorrow is only a vision.
    But today well-lived
    makes yesterday
    a memory of happiness
    and every tomorrow
    a vision of hope.
    Look well, therefore, to this day!

  17. Genesis & Kelilah – Glad to hear from you guys! Hope you are being good friends with everyone you meet. The shrimp are running in the river right now and I hope you come back to help me catch some fish! Have fun and do good work in Haiti!

    Love, Grandpa Sans

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