Crossroads Day 6…

Today was field day here at the mission in the Mole. The children’s faces beamed with excitement. We had sack races, a 3 legged race, obstacle race and balloon toss. Many of the children prayed the gift of salvation, we pray and belive they can understand they need Jesus in these conditions. The children also received gift bags, and we walked some of the home. Our hearts go with them as they go to their little shanties. God be with them and us all. Philemon


Dear Grandpa Sans & Grandpa Howard, my tooth came out June 26th –Genesis


VBS was wrapped up today. The kids had such a great time. Janessa, Jennifer and My team (yellow) ended up winning. All got medals though so no one was left out. As they were leaving some decided to start giving me hugs and then a couple slipped in kisses. I was glad to see they enjoyed themselves.

Last night we watched a movie on the steps of Jody’s house with the children. There was another good turn out and this is why I never posted last night. Sorry my love. I will be sad to leave in a couple of days but giving Ethan and you hugs will be incredible. Let Ethan know I am proud of him and that he is doing an awesome job hanging in there, and you too Sugar. We start construction tomorrow and our Jesus is the light ministry. Most evenings we have gone for a short swim in this beautiful tropical ocean. Thanks again for checking in Mom and Dad, cant wait to see you when we get back. Give Ethan all my love and I couldn’t be a luckier man to have you come to the Lord and get me back on track. I love you Jamie.


Today was again a great day at VBS, Thanks to my family for the responses, I miss you all very much. I’m loving the kids here and all the love they have to give. I can’t believe it’s almost time to come back, it was way to short but I guess it will have to be enough till next year. Love to all, Michelle


Hey its Ryan again, Well today was the last day of vbs and it was a lot of fun, pretty crazy but it all went very, very well. I’ve gotten particularly attached a little girl named Adonese.  I’m not exactly sure how old she is, I think around 8 years old. But either way, she’s one of the sweetest and kindest little girls I have ever met. I got to walk her home and meet her mom and God mother and we got to pray with them and it made me so happy to see that she does have a mom and family that do care and love her cause she deserves to have some that loves her. Like i said today was the last day of vbs and it was really hard to say goodbye to her but I have peace knowing that she has a loving family and I hope and pray that i can see her if we come back here next year! But either way I know i am coming back to Haiti. See you all soon, Love you all!


Last day of VBS, its was emotional when all the kids where leaving and saying goodbye and thank you, which consisted of long hugs and you could see in their eyes that this time with us had made such a difference and what some love from strangers gave to them. I gave the devotionals tonight to the team, and felt the holy spirit leading me to talk about spiritual gifts, and getting even more out of this trip. I want more, I want radical change, and expect the next couple days to only intensify this already amazing trip. SO EXCITED!!! Love you Tina, see this trip is just another confirmation our paths were to cross and much love to my girls!!

******************************************************************************************today was the last day at vbs, as you can see. it was heartbreaking, to say bye to these boys and girls, hugging them, as they said thank you and goodbye. but tomorrow we get to go to the beach with them! so very excited. i love putting all my energy and time in these fantastic kids. and I know everyone else on the team does also. im going to miss Haiti, and the people.It’s just insane how happy these kids can be when you say hello, or good morning. their faces just lights up. and you can’t help but smile back. Lauren said she is feeling better! praise God! but i think some of us are feeling a little homesick. just pray for a good night sleep for the rest of the time we are here. please. 🙂 we will be home soon! mom and dad im so happy that i got to talk to you for a short amount of time, i love you and miss you guys! ty i miss you! and love you. 🙂 -janessa.


Today was good, we said all became mangos, went to the mountain and said good bye to the kids but their’s were so sincere it broke my heart. I got hugs and kisses that meant so much. God is working in my heart and is moving inside me. Although this has been a fantastic journey, I am really missing my family in the states and my new baby brother at home! Thank you for the letters and pictures, I really needed it today. I love you mama, you mean so much to me! I love you dad, give Collin some love for me(: Ash, keep your hair brushed and so i can braid it when i get home<3 Love you Bud!!! As big as the moon C:


  1. Praising God for all the wonderful stories and changing hearts! I will continue to pray for a quick and safe return home and an amazing re-connection with those patiently awaiting your return! I love you Jennette.

  2. I love you Jd!!!! We miss you and we can’t wait to see you!!! We are praying for you all! I also am praying for safe travels on Sunday. Since you read these at night sweet dreams my love!

  3. Yeah! So happy to read today’s blog. It looks like you all had so much fun today. All those smiles and laughing faces. Wish I could have been there. Glad to here you are feeling better Lauren. I hope the rest of your time there goes really well. Can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug. God bless you all and the children. Praying for you and all the people in the Mole often. Be filled with the Spirit, shielded in His armor, and SHINE! Miss you Lauren. Mom

  4. Field day looked so fun today! Enjoyed all the pictures. So can’t wait to hear what you all are going to do tomorrow. Ryan I hope you took some pictures of the little girl you wrote about tonight . I would love to see her, she must of really touched your heart. Janessa, yes it was good hearing voice last night . Been praying for you alot today. We will all continue to pray for God to keep pouring His Holy Spirit through you to touch the souls of the people in the Mole. Tylor left today, 🙁 for Kentucky. He told me to tell you both to call him when you get into Miami on Sunday. He says He loves you too! Can’t wait to see you at the airport! Miss you both and Love you lots.

  5. I am counting the minutes ’til my love comes home….I have made it a week, just a few more days. She will get kisses and hugs, and air conditioning, and Pepsi, and a double-quarter pounder with cheese, and 2 showers. Not necessarily in that order. Hurry home safely Jennifer. I Love You!!

  6. Michelle sorry to hear your VBS Ministry is coming to an end. Pictures are great. Hope and praying for the whole team and the VBS children. Love to you all David & Bernadette

  7. We can’t wait to hear all the stories you can’t put on here & see many more pics! Loved the ones today! It’s great to see the armor of God in physical form! The kids will always have those reminders. You all have done such a wonderful job of spreading God’s love! We will be happy to love on YOU when we see you! Blessings!

  8. You have all done a great service to these people. Looks like everybody is having a wonderful time.

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