Crossroads Last Day..

Today is our last day here! So hard to believe our trip is coming to and end already. We were able to hand out some of the solar lights early this morning. My group was me (Jennette), Janessa, and J.D. We walked through the village and one lady led us to all the houses and was pretty much their spokesperson. She gave us the scoop on everyone! LOL it was really cool. We prayed for a little boy (I say little, but he was probably a teenager) who struggles with stealing, an older man who has an addiction problem to alcohol, one lady had a boy who struggles with seizures and doesn’t have the money to go to the hospital, one lady asked that she has the strength to accept Jesus as her savior but she is not ready to yet. It was a very good time. At the end, we went up to finish giving out our lights and we handed out 5 at once and prayed for them all. They said that they pray we will be blessed more for bringing the lights to them! It was so touching.

After the lights and breakfast we went to Levi and Asher’s birthday party where we had PIZZA!! Yes you heard me PIZZA! It was SO good! Then we were able to give away our goats we got. The rest of the afternoon was spent on hut to hut, or packing up all our things for the long day of travel ahead of us. Please pray that those that got sick on the way here do not get sick on the way home! We are eager to get home to our loved ones but sad to leave the people we built relationships here. Overall it was an amazing time getting to know my team members more, and getting to know the people of Haiti!


My dear friends, the road is coming to the end of our mission in Haiti. My hearts breaking knowing how much I will miss my new friends and family at the Mole. God told me to come here for a reason and I’m pretty sure I know why and I’m also sure there will be more I’ll learn when I come home. The people here have taught me so much, I only hope I can make such an impact on someone else’s life from my experience. The best –  most important thing I have learned about myself is I too can make a change in someone’s life. I AM God’s child and HE does love me and created me not to be compared to others but that I AM unique in my own special way and have so much to offer. Thank You Jesus for allowing me to see your light in the people of Haiti. Michelle


This is our last day in the Mole. It is going to be sad to leave but i miss the family. I know that i will be going as much as Crossroads decides to send a team. I pray i bring this change home and keep it going. Be seeing you all soon and have a safe trip in Mom and Dad. I love you Ethan and Jamie. Hugs are coming soon. Muah.


I feel like we got dropped off our first night here a century ago and the girl who nearly cried herself to sleep from the stress of the bus ride was lost in the work we did here. This trip was so much better than I could have imagined and it’s moved me much more than I hoped for. I don’t think that I’ll be able to stay away from mission work. I pray that what we did was received well and seeds were planted in those we spoke to. I pray that God lets the children we ministered to are raised in him and grow to be men and women of Christ. I cannot wait to see my precious little hungry brother tomorrow night, along with my wonderful family who I miss oh so much! Thank you to everyone who made this possible for me. Love you as big as the moon. -Kourtney

P.S. please pray for the bus ride and that my motion -sickness- proned-self stays well along with the rest of the team(: Fanks!


I am so looking forward to coming home, not just to see my husband and children and everyone, but also to see how I can make changes in my life. I have seen so much on this trip that I am not even sure how to process it all in my mind and heart. But I know that there are so many problems right in my neighborhood, let alone my whole town. I pray that God will work in each and every one of us, those that have been to Haiti and those that have not, and guide us to doing His work.

Joel, can’t wait to see you and give you a huge hug and kiss. Just please don’t touch the front of my legs or my back! My arms and face are fine, though! I love you. Kiss and hug the kids for me, and tell Madison that I am sure I would have loved that piece of pizza! ~ Jennifer


  1. Hello everyone! What great pics! We hope that you all have a restful night and a good bus ride back to the airport. Praying that no one gets car sick. Can’t wait till you are all back home safe. Miss you much Lauren G. I will be counting down the minutes till you touch down in the plane and text me that you are back! GOD BLESS!!!!

  2. Party looked like fun. The kids must of loved the water slide! Great pictures with the goats! How many did you give away?Jody thank you for this blog, it has really helped us parents,loved ones and church family really share our teams experience. I cannot wait to hear how this trip has touched my kids Ryan and Janessa. Will continue to pray for the Mole,the orphanage and you and your family. Blessings to you all for doing what you do. Praying for our team and their travels to the airport.

  3. Kourtney,
    I know there were a few days when I didn’t get to post you anything, I’m sorry honey. You are home now and it was amazing to hold my baby girl safely in my arms. I missed you so much but at the same time my heart was full of joy knowing you were in the right place. As I look at you know I see a woman of GOD who has returned more on fire for the Lord than ever before. You have grown in so many ways in such a short time, I look into your eyes and see nothing but his love in you. Everyone says that you shouldn’t be your kids “friend” that you should be their parent first, well those people haven’t met you. I have grown up with you in so many ways. On the day I found out I was pregnant with you my life changed, God sent you to me at a time when everyone said it would end my life, that I was much too young. What they didn’t know was that GOD picked you out just for me, you saved my life, because of you , Justin, Ashley and Collin I am the person I am today. You are my best friend Kourtney Michelle and you along with your brothers and sister are my reward. As you enter into another phase in your life never question just how amazing and wonderful GOD made you. Use your gifts and talents for him, trust in him, follow God in all that you do sweetheart. You will see that the life he has carved out for you is more amazing than any Disney movie could hope to be. I am so blessed to be your mom… big as the moon, LOVE YOU – Mommy!

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