Orphanage Birthday Party Celebration…



Today we celebrated Asher & Levi’s birthday with all their friends at the orphanage!

Before the orphans got their play clothes on  – we took a family photo of all 17 children together! They were all lined up in their chairs and the babies were on a blanket on the ground! That in itself was quite the adventure! The babies kept wanting to play in the sand, Marc was falling asleep, and the boys were jumping out of their chairs! I’m still sorting through the dozens of photos we took and trying to pick the best one!

After the picture –  the children played for over an hour on the moon bounce & a water slide! Then we ate pizza! YUM! Their bellies were full so we saved the cake for dinner.

All the kids got little goody bags and then it was nap time! The kids were all tuckered out from playing on the slide!

Such a great day! :)


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  1. Looks like a wonderful day. Congratulations & Peace of Christ to all

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