Breakthrough- Day 1…

Bonswa everyone from Mole St. Nicholas!

What a day.  It started off today at 5:00am in Newark, NJ to get from the hotel to the Newark airport.  Everything went very smooth.  We anticipated having a little rougher time reaching the airport so we had about a couple of hours to kill at the airport.  We all ate, shared stories, and talked about the upcoming events of the day.

We were supposed to head out of Newark bound for Port Au Prince (PAP) around 9:30am.  Watching all the planes taxi out to the runway was a little like watching the traffic back up on I-35 during rush hour…a little bigger than KCI as you can imagine.  10:30 am, behind schedule an hour, our biggest concern was getting there on time to catch the “puddle jumper” to the Mole vs. riding the bus that Joey and Tim made sound like so much fun from previous trips.  Later, we would form a theory as to why we sat on the plane so long to leave as we made it to PAP with only 33 of 54 checked bags!

We touched down in PAP around 2:00pm.  To describe the airport…think warehouse with ceiling tiles.  3 lines to come through customs…and lets just say the TSA was nowhere to be found.  Once inside, we began the adventure that was discovering we were short several valuable bags.

The first group of 18 peeps left the PAP airport toward the Mole around 3:30 pm.  The rest of us stayed back not only waiting for our turn but to try to make heads or tails of the checked bag situation.  We are prayerful they arrive tomorrow…so please lift that up to the Lord as we are missing tents, medical supplies, and other various other necessary supplies.

Group 2 (the rest of the us) departed around 4:15pm.  It was time to Christ to answer my 2 month long personal prayer that the “puddle jumper” would touch down on the dirt airfield (rock road) successfully!  And, after a short, mildly terrifying (early on), and hilarious (that Tim for the show) plane ride, Christ answered the prayer with a glorious “YES”.

From the Favela’s of PAP, to seeing the terrain that is much like a desert on an island, to the first views of the people of the Mole, I have an overwhelming feeling “to get to it”, to do the work the Lord has called us here to do.

Please lift us up in prayer!  Pray for breakthrough for each and every person God brings us in contact with.  Pray for us, and what God intends to do in us!  Pray for Kingdom impact and that God is glorified with everything we say and do!

To Kendric, Cadence, Kaelis, and Nicole….Daddy made it safe and sound!  Now to the work Jesus has called me/us here for!

Ryan Clark


  1. Praying for you all! So glad to see smiling faces & already loving the kids! Excited to see how God uses you all and how He shows His love to you this week!!

    Stacy Daniel

  2. Praying for you from the other side of the world! Glad that you all arrived safely and happy to see pictures of smiling faces. May you see the work of God in the lives of those around you today!

  3. You all will be in my prayers as you journey with Christ in Mole. May you be as blessed by this experience as you will be a blessing to the people of Haiti you encounter this week. May your love of Christ shine through in all you do and touch the hearts of the people of Haiti.

  4. Praying for the whole team to be filled with energy and the power of the spirit to do all that God has called you there to do!! Thanking God that you arrived safely and that you will stay safe and well! Hello to my daughter Tracey Boles!!

  5. Great to see all the smiling faces! We are praying that you all can show who God is through loving those kids, and serving the Haitians. Hello to Candace and Grace.

  6. Lord I pray for a good nights rest for all of your helpers, may they wake refreshed tomorrow and ready to do YOUR WORK!

  7. Thanks for the update, Ryan! Your sweet family spent the evening with us last night and the kiddos were having fun but missing Daddy. We are praying for the team to get incredible opportunities to share Christ and honor Him through your work!

  8. Just wanted you all to know that the Thailand team is praying for you right now in their church service!

  9. Wonderful updates! Glad to hear the food is good. Im so proud of all of you for putting yourselves in Gods hands to do His awesome work! Rest well, we will continue to pray for you all and cant wait to see more pics and hear more stories. Mom & dad love you Katie Bug (Crow)

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