Breakthrough Day 2…

Hey, Everyone!

Taylor Diggs, here! Everything is going well; we are gladly working hard for the Lord and sweating plenty to prove it! Ha! Around 15-20 of our large suitcases, myself included, are not here yet and we are in hopes that they will be here tomorrow.

We started off the day with a good devotion from some of the guys and our focus on prayer was better made by what Jody had to say. I personally feel more motivated and have more of a desire to pray bigger, bolder prayers. God is at work here at the Mole; we may not always see it, but He is here.

Since a little over half of the bags are not with us, we did not have all of our medical supplies and could not hold the medical clinic today. We moved it to Monday in hopes we see the rest of our luggage before then! Instead, we did one of our service projects: clearing out marked land and digging three foot outskirts of a future foundation for another stone house. Some of us girls broke off and picked weeds out on the church courtyard (trust me, not as easy as you might think) and spent a couple hours doing so. It did, however rain on us and cooled us off as we were heading back to the orphanage.

My goodness… how precious those kids are. I wish I could take them all home! (I won’t bring too many though, Mom!) Ha! We could just spend hours on hours there. They just want to be loved and held and played with. Their laughs are priceless and just to see the tears be wiped away and their breath-taking smiles makes my whole time at the orphanage worth while. I literally can feel my own tears every time we have to say “goodbye” to them.

We did get to have a glimpse of the ocean today! OH MY GOODNESS, I have never seen more beautiful water. Well, if you don’t count having ice water in a cup. That, I do miss. Well, we’re all very excited to see what God is going to do through us and in us while we are on this amazing trip. God is so faithful by providing for our needs, even when we don’t have every little thing we might want or need. Everything that had happened, planned or not, has been in His hands. We are trusting in His will and trusting that He is going to do so much greater than we can imagine. For me, I am praying to Him saying, “Here I am, use me as You will and I will go.” I miss you all, so much! But right now, I better get my dinner before they put it away. See y’all Friday-ish!

Love, Tay

P.S. Prayer request for our stomachs (the food is very good, but not American!) and for our overall focus throughout the trip would be lovely! Thank you so much! J


Hey everyone!

All I have to say so far, is what an amazing trip! My eyes and heart have been opened up so much in the past few days than I would have ever thought possible. Today really didn’t go according to schedule, but hey, God has a schedule of his own that we get to follow whether we like it or not! We were not able to set up the medical clinic today since none of our bags had come in, so we ended up clearing out an area of ground for a new house!

This morning though, we were able to go on a prayer walk around the Mole, and let me just say that this isn’t like our “lush scenery” of Missouri; this country is absolutely beautiful! We were able to pray over the town and our focus for the week. It was just simply amazing!

Another part of the trip that has captured my heart is the orphanage. I don’t know if I can keep that promise of not bringing home any Haitian children mom and dad! These kids just light up the second we arrive; and rest assured, we do too! We’ve gotten to spend a lot of time just playing with and loving on them, and what a rewarding experience!

Anyway, God is definitely working in the Mole, even if it seems like an impossible task sometimes…. We HAVE to put our trust in Him and realize that He already has a plan for us; all we have to do    is carry it out J Thank you for all of the prayers for our team (they really mean a lot!) and I can’t wait for what the rest of the week brings!

Love, Allison Vochatzer


Started the day with a prayer walk through the village.  We were sure to greet everyone while looking them in the eyes to show that they have value.  Loved on kids the whole way.  Took time to watch some men weaving house walls out of palm and also a man pounding wool between boards of his boat.  What amazing village and people.  Ended up at the orphanage.  What precious little people.  Yes, we loved on Christina.  I had the task of putting her back in the building.  She arched her back and straightened out her legs.  Probably didn’t make a good impression.

This afternoon we helped the med team count pills and mix crèmes.  Jody mentioned that even a little medicine goes a long way in Haiti since no one takes it.  We enjoyed getting to know the team members and helping them be able meet needs in the surrounding villages.

Praying that we will be able to show the people of the Mole they are valuable to us and more importantly to God, that we can genuinely show them Jesus.

Sharon Snivley


Hey Everyone!! It’s Hannah Mayfield! So far, everything is going pretty nicely. We prayer walked this morning; it was fun to pray for the Mole and getting to see the town. We have been working hard and sweating for Jesus!(:

We went to the orphanage today. I just LOVE seeing those children smile.(: They have so much fun playing with us. Someone introduced the slap game again.. My hands were awful red. We also got to see the ladies at the orphanage kill a chicken. Did you know they spaz after they’re dead??? I will never look at a chicken the same EVER again. The meals here are really, really good. The ladies do a wonderful job of preparing them.

Today, we worked on the mission property so they could build places for mission workers to stay in. Some people dug holes and others picked up sticks and brush and stuff. Some of us girls broke off from the group to pull weeds in the church courtyard. The Coke here is really yummy. I like it waaayyyy more than American Coke.(: So far, the Haitians are starting to warm up to us which is good cause now they actually say bonswa back.(: We miss you all and can’t wait to see you guys!! Good bye!!(: [hey Mom can you bring Mandi when you come to the airport on Friday??(: ]

~Hannah Mayfield.(:


God is great, God is good, and we thank Him for the…. rain!!!

The reason I speak of rain is because first of all, this morning we talked about Honi the circle maker. If you do not know the story behind him then definitely look it up because it is too long to write on here and it is a great story! The main point of the story is how God blesses a bold and persistent prayer. The other reason I mentioned rain is because while a few of us were digging the foundation of one of the new buildings, it was super hot and God eventually provided us with a perfect amount of rain!

Anyway… Today was great. No complaining here! We told God today that since He didn’t complain on the cross for us, we have no reason to complain here. I saw so many people pouring themselves out today and emptying their cups for Jesus. most of the luggage got here right after lunch, so the medical team had a blast as they were working all the way until dinner when the rest of us got back. They sorted everything that got here and prepared for the upcoming clinics.

Today’s medical clinic is rescheduled most likely until Monday (Lendi) and Tuesday (Madi) afternoon–I’m learning some Creole! Other than the luggage coming, I think the previous blogs will have covered most of what we are physically doing. Spiritually, however, we are boldly praying for breakthrough. The trend of physical and sexual abuse in the Mole will end before we stop asking God. Individually, we are each trying to search for something that we can boldly pray for within the Mole. I ask each of you to do the same. Some insight from what God has put on my heart to pray for is that there are so many lukewarm Christians here. There have been so many different groups that have come through that there is no clear understanding of the Truth in their minds. So many people here know a lot of answers, but it does not affect their heart. So I will be praying that God truly changes the hearts of the Christians here and takes over!

Thank you so much for your prayer and keep thanking God for the opportunity that we are getting this week and definitely pray for something specifically for the Mole’s benefit please.


Brandon Chapman


  1. Hi! I don’t know any of you personally but loved hearing about what you guys are up to in the Mole. The pictures of you all playing with the kids at the orphanage are such a blessing to me, and I especially love the ones of Fedna smiling and having a blast. I will be praying for you all this week and for the Lord to use your team in tremendous ways.
    -Erin Davis from Texas Tech

  2. Hey team! Proud of you guys! Our Thailand team is praying for you regularly. I had the entire church here in Bangkok pray for your bags and supplies to arrive quickly. Praying they do and your medical clinics can go as planned.
    Amberlie-praying for you! Love Dad!


  3. Hi Scott and Brandon, We are really thinking about you guys this week. We read Brandon’s post and it sounds like you are getting a lot done and working hard for God. My Dad enjoyed seeing the photos of the orphans, when he went in Jan. they were preparing for them. He is wondering how the bunk beds they made are holding up. We will pray for your safe travel this week. You guys are all super stars for following and serving. Janie would say that you are her superhero’s only second of course to Jesus!!!
    Tell Jack and Marla Hello from the Wilson’s
    Michelle is taking Blake and Cayden out tonight, we will make sure they are behaving at home. We are proud and praying for the whole PV group.
    Tell Jodi my Dad is anxious to see her when she comes to PV next month
    Our prayers and thoughts are with you guys
    Allen and Sharon Jones and Mike, Jennifer, Blake, and Janie Wilson

  4. We loved seeing your pics and hearing such amazing stories. Glad the food is good. So proud of you all for following the plan God has for you to help others! Rest well and know that we are praying for you every minute. Even though your there your journey continues here as we share what God is using you for, the pieces of Gods great big puzzle all coming together. Lots of Love & Big Hugs! We love you Katie Bug (Crow) and hope to hear from you as well 🙂 Mom & Dad

  5. Candace and Grace – We are back in KC and able to read your blogs and see the pictures. So Proud of you both for being God’s hands and feet to his people. Remember being flexible is not good enough. I learned on one of my mission trips that we must be fluid! I think your team is experiencing that. Now time to really share with those who’s bags did not arrive yet.

  6. Tom and Sharon! Super excited seeing the pictures. Praying for a great trip for you guys and the group! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. Love you!

  7. Love seeing the smiles and hugs with the children! The blogs are such a blessing to read and hear how God is working in each of you and with the team. Praying for the team, God’s plan and will to be carried out the rest of the week. The seeds that each of you are planting can reap a harvest of blessings! Allison, it was so good to read your blog and see you in the pictures! Praying for you! Love you, Dad, Mom and Justin

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